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New 2023 BMW M2 cost Article Highlights:

  • The new 2023 BMW M2 starts at $63,195, around $3,300 more than the previous generation M2
  • No competition or CS models are available yet, but BMW offers upgrades like a Carbon Fiber Package.
  • Potential owners will be able to get their new 2023 BMW M2 coupe in April of 2023. 

The new 2023 BMW M2 promises to carry the legacy of M cars forward. However, just like the previous M2 and M2 Competition, the upcoming BMW sports coupe will demand quite a bit more than the 2 Series vehicles upon which it’s based. So, how much is the new 2023 BMW M2? Furthermore, is there an alternative for BMW fans? 

The 2023 BMW M2 costs over $60,000, but its a track-ready monster.
2023 BMW M2 | BMW

How much does a new BMW M2 cost?

The new 2023 BMW M2 starts at $63,195. That puts the new M2’s cost at around $3,300 more than a 2021 BMW M2 Competition. However, the new coupe promises to be a RWD riot with an extra 48 horsepower compared to the previous generation. In addition to the base model, BMW has optional extras, like a Carbon Fiber Package and a carbon-fiber roof. Fans who opt for the weight-saving assortment will get carbon-fiber seats that Car and Driver says will save around 24 lbs. 

When compared to other M cars, the baby Bimmer is a bargain. TrueCar says the 2023 BMW M3 starts at $73,795. While the M2 gets a detuned version of the M3’s S58 six-cylinder mill, the M2 promises to be a dedicated driver’s car with a much more lovable fascia.  

When can you order the new 2023 BMW M2?

Enthusiasts and shoppers seeking bragging rights will have to wait; the 2023 BMW M2 won’t go on sale until Spring 2023. Specifically, the track-ready coupe will start hitting the streets around April. Of course, potential owners who don’t want to wait can snag a 2021 BMW M2 Competition instead. However, the 2021 model features much more subtle and understated styling, if also quite a bit less power. 

The new M2 is a beast with a standard manual transmission.
The M2’s interior | BMW

Will the M2 go up in value?

M cars tend to hold value better than more rank-and-file BMW sedans. For instance, Kelley Blue Book (KBB) says an average-mileage 2016 BMW M2 has a typical listing price of just under $40,000. That’s nearly $12,000 more than a comparable 2016 BMW M235i. Moreover, the difference between the cars when they were new and now has grown by around $4,500. 

It stands to reason that the most recent M2s will hold their value better than comparable 2 Series cars, like the BMW M240i. After all, the “M” badge is closely associated with the marque’s racing pedigree. 

The 2023 BMW M2 costs quite a bit less than an M3, if also much more than an M240i.
2023 BMW M2 | BMW

2023 BMW M2 Gains Muscle Weight, Costs More

What can you buy instead of a new 2023 BMW M2?

If you want a taut short-wheelbase BMW with enough straight-line speed to beat dedicated sports cars, you have options other than the M2. Instead, you can buy a 2023 BMW M240i xDrive. The M240i xDrive packs AWD, a quick-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission, and 382 horsepower. While that might not seem like much compared to the M2’s 453 ponies, it’s enough to get the M240i to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds. 

Better yet, the M240i starts at $48,895, much more of a bargain than the M2’s $63,195. Of course, the M2 is a high horsepower, RWD, track-taking driver’s car compared to the more sober M240i. Scroll down to the following article to read more about sports coupes like the M2!