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The BMW M2 represents the best in contemporary BMW driver’s cars. It might not be the quickest M car available, but its short wheelbase, performance brakes, and raucous powertrain make it a joy to drive. The newest iteration is no different, and spectators captured a camouflaged mule car M2 tearing up the Nürburgring.

Why test cars on the Nürburgring?


The famed Nürburgring, which Formula 1 legend Jackie Stewart once called the ‘Green Hell,’ is a high-speed circuit in Germany. The course is steeped in motorsport tradition and pushes both cars and drivers to their limits.  

Automakers have been testing new performance cars like sedans, coupes, and hot hatchbacks on the Green Hell for years now. Although James May has strong opinions about this practice, you can’t help but smile when you hear about a 911 or a Corvette breaking records on the storied track. Also, testing and tuning on the Nürburgring makes for track-focused performance cars when they become available to the public. 

What kind of BMW M2 was on the Nürburgring?

Road & Track reports that the BMW mule car, or preproduction test vehicle, was right at home on the famous course. The M2 was reportedly very quick around corners and looked composed in the video. 

Although the little performance car is camouflaged, viewers can plainly make out some of the M2 styling tells. Specifically, the mule car sported the short wheelbase and short rear end of the 2 Series. Add the fender flares, flashy exhaust tips, and apparent performance, and you’ve got a BMW M2.  

Car Camo Explained | Roadshow

What do we know about the next generation of BMW M2?


According to Road & Track, there is a distinct possibility that the next generation of M2 will be the last to offer a true manual transmission. While that is a shame, we can expect the car to get quicker, hairier, and perhaps electrified. The next-generation BMW M2 may get a derivation of the 3.0L straight-six-cylinder engine like that of the M3. If that is the case, the upcoming M2 might produce somewhere in the neighborhood of 450 horsepower.   

In addition to some serious horsepower, next-generation M2 customers can expect a choice between a manual transmission and an automatic unit. That said, Road & Track reports that the upcoming BMW M2 will likely be the last M car BMW makes with a manual transmission option.

However the car looks when it is done, it will almost certainly live up to BMW’s ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ claims

BMW M2 | Todd Korol, Getty Images

While consumers are likely to lose the option for a three-pedal M car after this next BMW M2, they have a lot to look forward to. The mule car BMW M2 flogging around the Nürburgring looks composed, focused, and above all else, quick. So while the cars might be evolving and losing certain qualities, what they will gain is going to be spectacular. 

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