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The BMW 2 Series offers a cost-effective means to slide into one of the marque’s beloved sedans. Also, for fans of the baby Bimmer, the BMW made sure that there were choices, from the entry-level 228i Gran Coupe to the snappy M240i xDrive. If the newest 2 Series cars are anything like the 2022 models, they’ll be performers. Either way, here’s what we know so far about the upcoming 2023 BMW 2 Series. 

Is BMW 2 Series discontinued?

BMW fans can rest assured that the marque saw fit to keep the 2 Series going. The lineup includes four trims with two different motors, including a gas-sipping 2.0L inline four-cylinder engine and a much more powerful 3.0L inline six-cylinder B58 powerplant. Of course, if the taut, sporty coupe isn’t for you, BMW offers the 2 Series Gran Coupe with front-wheel drive (FWD) and four doors. Further, the Gran Coupe is available in either the 228i or M235i, with its 301-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine. 

The 2023 BMW 2 Series is a capable bunch, culminating with the M240i.
2023 BMW 2 Series | BMW

Will there be a 2023 M240i?

The 2023 BMW M240i xDrive is the top-of-the-line 2 Series without dipping into the inevitable M2’s territory. It features a 382-horsepower turbocharged 3.0L inline six-cylinder engine. That means a bit less fuel economy but much higher performance. In Car and Driver’s testing, the M240i xDrive from the previous model year hit 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds, faster than a Toyota GR Supra 3.0 with the same B58 powerplant. 

How much will the 2023 BMW 2 Series cost?

The entry-level 2 Series, the 228i, starts at around $37,595. However, if you want the lowest-trim coupe, you’ll have to spring for the 230i, which starts around $1,000 higher. If you want a 2023 BMW 2 Series with AWD, the 230i xDrive is a solid option at around $40,395. According to TrueCar, the top Gran Coupe, the 301-horsepower M235i, starts at $47,395.

The new 2 Series is going to be a a performance coupe to watch.
2023 BMW 2 Series | BMW

However, if you want the range-topping M240i, you’re looking at a starting amount of about $48,895. It could be worth it, though. With Toyota GR Supra-beating acceleration, a BMW badge, and AWD, the M240i xDrive is undoubtedly the king of the current 2 Series. 

When can I order a 2023 BMW 2 Series M240i?

BMW announced the updated 2023 BMW 2 Series vehicles in November of 2021. However, potential owners should be able to acquire their own 2023 2 Series cars soon. Still, many BMW fans are eagerly anticipating the next M2 and M2 Competition. The previous M2s were track-ready driver’s cars with an abundance of charm. 

The BMW 2 Series offers a taut, sharp coupe in the M240i xDrive.
2023 BMW 2 Series | BMW

Should you consider it?

The 2 Series is something of a multi-tool when it comes to BMWs. It offers a coupe and a Gran Coupe, a four-door 2 Series for added practicality. Furthermore, the baby Bimmer has optional xDrive AWD across the trim levels and body types. Finally, if you want a 2 Series that will shame nearly any other coupe on the street, the razor-sharp BMW M240i xDrive is a serious performance car in a sensible suit. 

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