Go Fast Campers’ SuperLite Rooftop Tent Weighs Less Than You

If your overlander can’t accommodate a bed camper, one common alternative is a rooftop tent. The only problem is, whether you drive a Japanese van or an SUV, making sure you don’t overload the roof. Go Fast Campers is already known for making extremely light pickup truck bed campers. And now, the Montana-based company is applying similar thinking to its new light-weight rooftop tent: the SuperLite.

The Go Fast Campers SuperLite

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In addition to its bed camper, Go Fast Campers also has a line of rooftop tents. But the SuperLite is the company’s lightest offering so far, Motor1 reports. Weighing 80 lbs, it’s allegedly one of, if not the lightest hard-shell rooftop tents on the market. And with a folded-up height of 6”, it’s also one of the thinnest, Gear Portal reports.

A yellow 4-door 2021 Ford Bronco with a Go Fast Campers SuperLite rooftop tent
2021 Ford Bronco with Go Fast Campers SuperLite | Go Fast Campers

The low weight isn’t just impressive, it’s also extremely beneficial for both camping and vehicle dynamics, Outside explains. Many vehicles can’t carry more than 150 pounds or so at speed. And those with removable roofs, such as the Jeep Wrangler and new Ford Bronco, can carry even less. But with the SuperLite, that’s not an issue. In addition, Go Fast Campers’ new rooftop tent is thin enough to cut down on wind drag and noise. Plus, because it’s fairly thin, it doesn’t raise the car’s center of gravity significantly, so there’s no handling penalty.

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At 50” wide and 90” long, the Go Fast Campers SuperLite is big enough to house 2 adults, plus a pet or a young child. The tent itself, when open, gives 44” of headroom and comes with bug netting, 3 windows, and UV-resistant fabric. It’s also weather-proof. Also, as part of its design and evaluation process, Go Fast Campers’ team used SuperLite prototypes while competing in the NORRA Mexican 1000, Expedition Portal reports.  

Pricing and availability

The base Go Fast Campers SuperLite costs $1199, and the company is currently accepting pre-orders. Deliveries are expected to begin in November 2020.

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Option-wise, due to its super-light (pun sadly intended) nature, this rooftop tent is relatively sparse. However, for an extra $100, it can be equipped with a telescoping ladder. And for an additional $279 gets you a self-inflating mattress, which Outside reports is on-par with the best camping mattresses available.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, the SuperLite doesn’t offer any additional gear or roof racks. However, Expedition Portal reports Go Fast Campers is working on SuperLite-compatible soft racks. The exact release date, though, is unknown.

The SuperLite vs. other rooftop tents

It’s worth noting that picking a rooftop tent requires knowing your vehicle’s Dynamic Weight Capacity OffRoadTents explains. That’s the amount of weight your roof can safely support while it’s moving.

The DWC is different from Static Weight Capacity, Fatherly explains, which is how much weight the roof can support when the vehicle’s parked. The SWC is higher because it lets the whole frame of the vehicle support the weight. If it wasn’t higher than the DWC, you wouldn’t be able to sleep in a rooftop tent.

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Speaking of weight, there are a few other light-weight rooftop tents competing against the SuperLite. One is the 88-lb Front Runner Feather-Lite, which only costs $70 more than the base SuperLite, Bicycling reports. However, it’s not as thin as Go Fast Campers’ tent when folded up, and doesn’t have the drag-reducing hard-shell exterior. But it does come with a mattress and telescoping ladder as standard.

For those on tighter budgets, there’s also the Smittybilt Overlander. At 112 pounds, it’s heavier than either the Front Runner Feather-Lite or SuperLite, The Manual reports. It’s also not a hard-shell tent. However, it starts at $1035, and is also more spacious than the SuperLite, OutdoorGearLab reports. Plus, it comes with a 12V outlet and LED light strips.

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