Roofnest Reveals New Line of Rooftop Tents

If the great outdoors is still calling your name, now is the best time to prepare for your next big adventure. You have enough time to stock up on all of your needed essentials. And while you may already have one the best vehicles to camp with. Even if you don’t, there are still options out there for you. 

Car camping is not a new concept. Volkswagen and other brands have had us covered in this area since the 1950s. But you don’t have to trade in your daily driver for a conversation van or classic Westfalia. 

Roofnest Reveals New Line of Rooftop Tents

Roofnest provides customers easy-to-use hard​ shell rooftop tents that are designed to be cool-looking as well as weather-proof and aerodynamic — all at an affordable price. Founded in 2016, they are one of the fastest-growing rooftop tent brands in the U.S.

Their goal is to provide customers an easy-to-use hard​ shell rooftop tent that is designed to be cool-looking as well as weather-proof and aerodynamic — all at an affordable price. And from the looks of it, that’s exactly what they did. 

This week Roofnest launched its new line of Sparrow hard-shell tents, topped by the first-ever Sparrow XL. While many people still can’t get out yet. The opportunity may present itself soon. So why not be ready?

Camping could be the ideal post-quarantine getaway. And what better way to camp than in a comfortable and easy-to-use rooftop tent that allows you to go from highway to sleeping bag in less than a minute? It truly is quicker than setting up a traditional tent.

“The newly expanded Sparrow family is more efficient and convenient than ever before. It builds on Roofnest’s core principles of value and versatility and includes exciting new design features and improved durability and comfort,” said Roofnest founder and CEO Tim Nickles. “We are confident that the new Sparrow models will continue to be the best-performing hard shell rooftop tents on the market.”

The new design of the Sparrow family builds on the benefits and success of the original by adding increased interior volume and headroom, more durable materials, and a new built-in exterior storage solution. The first-ever Sparrow XL further expands those benefits by adding eight inches to the tent’s overall width.

Feature highlights include:

● Marine-grade struts with heavy-duty hinges that will last the life of the tent

● Built-in three-inch-thick foam mattress — the thickest in its class — with anti-condensation mat for dry and comfortable camping

● Waterproof and breathable 280-gram polyester-cotton canvas construction with reinforced corners that is insulative and quiet in the wind

● Unique detachable pocket system keeps shoes and other items handy and dry

They build rooftop tents for smaller vehicle types as well. If you have a roof rack system on your vehicle, then you can use a Roofnest tent.  With tons of options, your next camping trip can start from the top of your car, SUV, truck, or even trailer. They also have solar panelscollapsible ladders for easy access, and down blankets to keep you warm. 

Once the quarantine is over, you can be ready to hit the road and camp out all in the same place. 

Happy camping!