Scout Campers’ Yoho Lets Smaller Trucks Go Camping Too

If an RV is outside your budget and/or space, a pickup truck bed camper makes a great alternative. However, for smaller trucks, finding a camper that fits in the bed, and light enough to prevent overloading, can be tricky. Go Fast Campers’ products definitely fit the bill, but they’re a bit light on features. Luckily, for those looking for a bit more comfort, there’s Scout Campers’ Yoho.

Scout Campers Yoho features

Green Toyota Tundra with Toyota Tundra with Scout Campers Olympic truck camper mounted in the bed
Toyota Tundra with Scout Campers Olympic truck camper | Scout Campers

Washington-based Scout Campers already has one truck bed camper out, the Olympic. But that’s designed for larger pickups, like the Toyota Tundra. The Yoho, in contrast, is sized for trucks like the Chevy Colorado, Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, and the Ford Ranger.

Green Scout Campers Yoho on a black Ford Ranger, viewed from the side
Scout Campers Yoho on a Ford Ranger | Scout Campers via Instagram

With a dry weight of 913 pounds, Scout Campers claims the Yoho is the lightest hard wall truck bed camper on sale today. The Olympic, in comparison, weighs 220 pounds more, Autoblog reports. Those hard walls are gel-coated fiberglass, mounted to an aluminum frame, which makes the Yoho usable in all 4 seasons.  

Unlike the larger Olympic, the Yoho doesn’t offer a pop-up tent. But the smaller truck bed camper does still have a cab-over sleeping area, Motor1 reports. With the standard fold-out couch-bed, 4 people can sleep in the Yoho. And just like the Olympic, Scout Campers offers the Yoho with a wide array of useful standard and optional features.

Cutaway image of the Scout Campers Yoho, showing the sleeping area, as well as the optional fireplace and cooktop
Scout Campers Yoho cutaway | Scout Campers via Instagram

Like the Olympic, the Yoho has a built-in solar panel and a removable Yeti 1000 lithium-ion battery pack, complete with USB and 110V outlets. There’s also a removable 4.9-gallon water tank with a charcoal filter, LED ceiling lights, a gear locker, and a stainless-steel sink.

Optional features include an indoor/outdoor gas cooktop, a folding awning, a portable toilet, extra water and storage tanks, and a 4.5 BTU gas fireplace. You can also spec the truck bed camper with a fridge/freezer unit, and removable jacks.

Pricing and availability

Although it’s smaller and lighter than the Olympic, the Scout Campers Yoho isn’t significantly cheaper. The camper starts at $19,240; the Olympic, meanwhile, starts at $19,980. But at least dimension-wise the Yoho doesn’t give up too much room to the Olympic.

According to Truck Camper, the Yoho is only about 2” shorter than the Olympic. Which doesn’t sound like much, but every inch counts when it comes to truck beds. As a result, while the Olympic just barely fits in a 6’-long bed, the Yoho does so comfortably. And because it’s about 3” shorter, the smaller truck bed camper will likely have a lesser impact on handling.

As of this writing, Scout Campers has Yoho pre-orders open.

Scout Campers Yoho vs. the truck camper competition

Go Fast Campers Platform
Go Fast Campers Platform | Go Fast Campers

For the price of 1 Scout Campers Yoho, you could almost buy 3 Go Fast Campers Platforms. GFC’s truck bed campers are also significantly lighter than the Yoho and leave the bed available as a storage area. However, they’re also basically just a tent with a powder-coated steel frame and aluminum panels.


This Ford Ranger Was Transformed Into an Affordable Truck Bed Camper

But despite the seemingly high price tag, the Yoho is actually less expensive than almost every truck bed camper Truck Camper Adventure recommends. The only one that’s cheaper is the $18,600 Bundutec Wild. At 1610 pounds dry, it’s significantly heavier than either the Yoho or Olympic. And at 7’ long, it requires a longer bed than either as well. However, it offers something neither has–a wet bath with an optional hot water heater.

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