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Are you interested in a mid-size truck, but buying new is not an option? You might want to consider a used GMC Canyon. The Canyon shares its platform with the Chevy Colorado, and it is a solid pickup for handling a variety of needs. Now, not every used Canyon will be a good truck. As there are some certain model years to avoid. At the same time, with proper research, you can determine which GMC mid-size pickup will be a good buy. 

Should you buy a used GMC Canyon?

Depending on which model year you are looking at, the GMC Canyon is worthy of consideration. While it is just two years old at this point, Consumer Reports did give the 2020 Canyon a high ranking. For the most part, you should be able to find for around $30,000.

A red 2020 GMC Canyon parked in the road with the mountains in the background
2020 GMC Canyon | GMC

That said, some 2020 GMC Canyon models will be more expensive than others. GMC has something that it calls the Denali trim. And even on this mid-size truck, that adds a fair amount of luxury and comfort. If you want a Canyon Denali, expect to pay over $40,000. 

Which GMC Canyon models should you avoid?

Not every GMC Canyon model has been created equally, so there are some models that are best to avoid. The 2017 GMC Canyon received some low scores from Consumer Reports. Apparently, this model had serious transmission issues. Transmission slips and shutters have been reported. 

So, if you are shopping for a used Canyon, keep that in mind. The 2015 Canyon also had some issues, both with the transmission and other components as well. Electrical problems along with engine failure seem to be common. 

Does GMC have a mid-size truck?

GMC does sell a mid-size truck, and it is known as the Canyon. This pickup has been around for some time, and it does have some unique features. As mentioned before, with the Denali package, you can get a smaller pickup that feels like a luxury vehicle. That is not something really offered by other brands. 

A red 2020 GMC Canyon parked near a lake.
2020 GMC Canyon | GMC

If you want the Denali trim, expect to pay extra for it. As luxury does come at a cost. If you are just looking for a basic work truck, there is a Canyon model for that. And it will certainly be more affordable. 

Of course, if you are like many mid-size truck owners, you might want some off-road capability. While it’s not quite in used truck territory yet, in 2021 the Canyon did get an off-road package. Known as the AT4 package, this option gives you a beefier suspension and other features to help handle rugged terrain. And, as the years go on, the 2021 Canyon will become cheaper to buy used. 

Should you purchase a pre-owned GMC?

As with anything, when you buy used, it is important to do your due diligence. Before buying a used GMC Canyon, take it for a test drive and consider having an independent mechanic look at it. 

The Best Used GMC Canyon Pickup Truck
The GMC Canyon pickup truck | GMC

Also, keep in mind that some models might be more reliable than others.


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