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Ford is a brand that has long been lauded for its commitment to producing capable vehicles. Whether it be a full-size truck or something more compact like the Ford Maverick, the automaker is sure to provide each model with ample off-road ability. That is definitely reflected in the FX4 off-foad package. So, what exactly is this package, and what kind of features and capabilities does it add to a Ford truck?

What is the FX4 package?

The FX4 package is an option for most Ford trucks that offer a variety of off-road features. It became available after 2002; prior to that, it was simply known as the off-road package. This was likely to compete with trucks from brands like General Motors offering flashier packaging at the time.

The package is available for the Ford F-150 full-size pickup truck, Ford Ranger midsize truck, and now the compact Ford Maverick. There are differences between each truck model, but they all share the same goal. The FX4 package adds more off-road capability to your Ford truck. 

What features come with Ford’s FX4 package?

Features vary between each model. However, generally speaking, the FX4 package adds improved shocks, skid plates, and other notable features like a terrain management system. Additionally, the FX4 option will add visual upgrades and style through exterior graphics.

According to MotorTrend, the FX4 package can also offer a locking rear differential and four-wheel drive. Both of these features are the mark of a true, rugged truck. Additionally, with hill descent control, navigating rough terrain is even easier.

Is the FX4 off-road package worth it?

Depending on which Ford truck you are shopping for, the cost of the FX4 off-road package will vary. Determining if adding it is worth it or not depends on your needs. If you plan to take your truck on the road less traveled, optioning it may be an ideal choice.

It is worth noting that the FX4 package is not as rugged as other options like the Tremor package or Ford Raptor. Still, it is offered to make a Ford truck more capable. The FX4 package is a mix of both on- and off-road comfort and will help make your model more versatile.

The FX4 off-road package also makes Ford trucks feel and look slightly more aggressive. This separates them from other offerings in the Ford lineup, and some buyers may appreciate that.

Should you get a Ford truck with the FX4 package?

If you want a Ford truck capable of light to moderate off-roading, the FX4 package is a worthy investment. It’s an easy way to get things like skid plates, tow hooks, and off-road tires installed on your truck without needing to do the installation work yourself.

While it may not offer the ability of a dedicated off-road truck, this package is meant to be more of a mix of a daily driver ready for adventure. Furthermore, because it is available on trucks from the Maverick to the always-popular F-150, it provides more utility across the lineup of new Ford trucks and used models.