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The Ford F-150 is one of the best trucks that anyone can buy in America. And like any good carmaker, Ford offers plenty of trims and packages for the F-150. But adding many of those options will mean that your F-150 will get more and more expensive. That said, here’s why choosing the FX4 off-road package for your F-150 will give you the best of both worlds in terms of price and effectiveness when it comes to off-roading.

A Ford F-150 FX4 on display at an auto show.
A Ford F-150 with the FX4 package | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

What the F-150 offers for off-roading 

If you’re buying a truck for the city or suburbs, then you may not care about what your F-150 offers when it comes to off-roading. But if you do care about off-roading, then the standard F-150 isn’t that bad of a truck for it, according to Kimber Creek Ford. Of course, if you do choose a basic F-150, then you’ll still need to get its four-wheel drive package in order to get a good off-roading experience from it. 

As Kimber Creek Ford said, the basic F-150, when equipped with four-wheel drive, still only has the standard suspension system that Ford offers on the F-150. The truck itself will have a lower ground clearance, but other than that, an F-150 with the four-wheel drive package isn’t all that different from a basic F-150.

You’ll still be paying well over $28,000 for it, and its off-roading capabilities are good enough, according to Kimber Creek Ford. But you could do better.

What the F-150 Raptor offers for off-roading

The Raptor is simply Ford’s gift to F-150 fans who love to off-road. The Raptor is an F-150 that is equipped with everything its owner needs to off-road with. As CJ Pony Parts showed in its comparison between the Raptor and the F-150, the Raptor is simply an off-roader’s dream

Not only is the Raptor equipped with an improved suspension system, but it’s also equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that’s unique to the Raptor. The Raptor also has a lot of high-tech software that’ll help its driver in everything related to off-roading. The wheels on the Raptor were also designed for off-roading, and of course, the Raptor comes with four-wheel drive as standard. 

While all of that sounds great for an off-roading enthusiast, buying a Raptor will set you back almost $51,000. But this is where the F-150’s FX4 off-roading package comes in. 

Why the FX4 F-150 package is the best of both worlds

CJ Pony Parts says that buying the FX4 package for an F-150 will cost a mere $905. That is the primary reason why the FX4 package is so great. By adding the FX4 package to your F-150, your truck can be more off-road ready than before and it won’t set you back $50,000.

But of course, many truck owners don’t care about the price if the thing they bought doesn’t work. Fortunately though, the FX4 package does improve the F-150.

As CJ Pony Parts said, the FX4 package will change a couple of things for your F-150. The biggest change is an improved suspension system. Additionally, the FX4 package will also add hill descent control to your F-150. Furthermore, your F-150 will get new skid plates as well as an electronic locking rear axle. All of these things, according to CJ Pony Parts, will allow your F-150 to perform better in more off-roading situations than before.

That said, as CJ Pony Parts mentioned, the FX4 package won’t allow your F-150 to perform as well as the Raptor can off-road. But it’ll still perform better than a regular F-150, and it’ll still be thousands of dollars cheaper than a Raptor is. When you think about how often most people go off-roading, the FX4 is more than enough for the typical owner.