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The Detroit Auto Show is where many automakers show off their new products, but Jeep brought a six-story-tall rubber duck. Was this rubber duck to be a giant bath toy in Lake Michigan, or did it represent something else? Strangely, Jeep and rubber ducks have become joined at the hip over the past few years in a social media game of Duck Duck Jeep.

How did Jeep and rubber ducks become a thing?

Jeep's Giant Rubber Duck at the Detroit Auto Show - Jeep Gets In on the Duck Duck Jeep Fun
Jeep’s Giant Rubber Duck at the Detroit Auto Show | Jeep

How does anything new go viral on social media? Someone has an idea, shares it, and the world shares it along with them. Such was the story of the first “Jeep Ducking” in Ontario, Canada.

Allison Parliament founded Duck Duck Jeep as an experience of joy, good feelings, and kindness. As Autotrader Canada tells us, Parliament felt the world needed a little joy after a nasty altercation with another driver. Unfortunately, COVID-19 restrictions didn’t allow for physical acts of kindness, like hugs, handshakes, and an arm over the shoulder, of strangers.

Allison did the next best thing; she wrote “Cool Jeep” on a small rubber duck and left it on the door handle of a tricked-out Jeep Wrangler. After snapping a photo and sharing it on Instagram with the hashtag #duckduckJeep, it went viral.

Spreading kindness one Jeep at a time

Rubber Duck on a Jeep Door Handle - Spreading kindness one Jeep duck at a time
Rubber Duck on a Jeep Door Handle | Wikimedia Commons

Since the first “Jeep Ducking,” Parliament has reportedly given out more than 6,000 rubber ducks. Thousands of people have joined in, leaving rubber ducks on Jeeps all over North America. These little ducks often carry messages for the Jeep owner to bring a smile to their face. Some participants in Duck Duck Jeep attempt to match the duck color to the Jeep, which makes the game a little more fun.

Have social media groups emerged from the Jeep Ducks?

As you might expect with anything that goes viral on social media, there are official groups dedicated to playing this Jeep Ducking game. The Official Ducking Jeep Facebook group was established in 2020, and the Instagram tag has nearly 200,000 posts and counting.

Where should participants place rubber ducks on Jeeps?

Jeep Ducks from Jeep Dealer show how dealers are getting in on the Duck Duck Jeep game
Jeep Ducks from Jeep Dealer | Jeep Findlay

The best place to put these ducks is where the Jeep owner will quickly see them when they return to the vehicle. This can be on the door handle, side mirrors, hood near the windshield, or any other exterior area. Participants should not put these rubber ducks inside the Jeep or try to hide them.

Can you order a package of ducks to play the game?

This social media phenomenon has blown up to the point of monetization. Today, you can order a 50-piece Jeep Rubber Duck assortment from Amazon. The variety gives you many ways to play the game and offers some fun and unique ducks to Jeep owners. This 50-piece package costs $24.99, making this and cheap and fun game.

Jeep participated; will you?

Jeep honored the fun and good vibes of the Duck Duck Jeep game with a massive duck at the last Detroit Auto Show. This giant duck wasn’t for the largest bathtub in the world but to honor a social media phenomenon of good feelings and a new Jeep duck thing that’s been a lot of fun over the past few years.

Will you join and play Duck Duck Jeep with others in the social media group?

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