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These days it seems like if there is an automotive trend that goes viral, it is almost certainly some level of unkind, if not downright despicable; see Kia Challenge. However, “Jeep Ducking” is one of the very few viral trends that is not only not unkind but instead a trend that is centered around kindness and fellowship. It makes plenty of sense, considering it began with a Canadian woman named Allison Parliament. 

Giant rubber duck. Is this Jeep ducking?
Giant Rubber Duck | Renee Jones Schneider/ Getty Images

What does it mean when a Jeep Wrangler gets “ducked?” 

According to MotorTrend, Jeep Ducking is exactly what it sounds like, putting a rubber ducky on someone’s Jeep Wrangler

The Queen of Jeep Ducking started the practice after a frightening verbal confrontation with someone one day. Later that day, in hopes of bringing herself a small bit of peace and joy, she perched a little yellow rubber duck on someone’s Jeep Wrangler. 

Fast forward two years later, and the trend has taken the Jeep world by (very gentile and loving) storm. Although Jeep Ducking started in Canada, the trend has spread to America and as many as at least 12 other countries. 

What are the rules of Jeep Ducking? Can anyone do it? How do we play? 

According to Jeep Ducking’s founder, “Jeeps get ducked for many reasons and with lots of motivations and meanings. For me, it was an act of kindness, a healing of sorts, as well as recognition of and greeting to a fellow Jeep owner. But it can just be that you like their Jeep, or it’s the same Jeep you have, or maybe a classic Jeep you would like to own one day. You don’t really need a reason for Jeep ducking other than to connect, bring a smile to someone’s face, and have fun.” 

Is Jeep Ducking only for Jeep Wranglers? 

The Jeep grille of a white CJ-8 Scrambler 4x4 restomod with Mercedes turbodiesel badges, a car dealership visible in the background.
1984 Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler | Cars & Bids

Initially, Jeep Ducking was only reserved for Jeep Wrangles. However, in the spirit of the movement, other Jeep models are also allowed to play. Ultimately the point of ducking is showing a small gesture of appreciation for another Jeep owner’s rig. 

Where do you put the duck? 

“There really are not any strict rules about how to Duck someone’s Jeep, but the idea is to keep the act of ducking a Jeep within polite and noninvasive gestures,” Allison said. She never places a rubber duck inside anyone’s Jeep. “I also never place a rubber duck on a Jeep where the driver won’t find it immediately upon approaching their Jeep,” she added. 

Recommended spots include door handles, driver’s side mirror, front bumper, hood, or front driver’s side fender. 

Jeep ducking knows no bounds

Seeing that this movement’s only objective is to spread love and appreciation, vehicles that aren’t Jeeps at all are even getting ducked. Rules are for work and other lame things like that. Allison’s ethos is Duck whatever you want as long as it comes from a place of love and appreciation. You see a Suzuki Jimny that you dig, Duck it. You find a rad little Miata that has the drip, Duck it. Hell, anything cool can get the duck. Go ducking crazy.