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We love campers here at MotorBiscuit. They come in so many different sizes, shapes, and styles. However, even with the enormous amount of boutique builders, campers and camper trucks tend to follow the same pattern. Thanks to Rossmönster, this Toyota Tacoma camper is finally a pickup truck camper shell that breaks the mold and gives us something fresh. 

Rossmonster pop-up getting set up at camp
Rossmonster pop-up | Rossmonster

Bow down to this Toyota Tacoma camper 

What makes the all-new Lagom camper from Rossmönster so unique? According to New Atlas, for starters, it’s one of the few pop-up camper shells that is hard-walled. Today, most campers are a couple of hard material pieces with canvas or other such material as the camper’s walls. That is very much not the case here. Not only does the Lagom have hard walls, but two of them are floor-to-ceiling windows. 

New Atlas notes that Rossmönster broke onto the overlanding scene last year with Ford F-150-based Baja. The Baja is also a hard-sided pop-top camper made for the roughest parts of the world. The new Lagom camper is the company’s entry point for folks with a Toyota Tacoma, Jeep Gladiator, and other smaller pickup trucks who want some overland adventure. 

How does this camper top work? 

Rossmonster campers parked in the desert. One is mounted to a Jeep Gladiator and the other on a Toyota Tacoma
Rossmonster campers | Rossmonster

The aluminum Lagom pop-top camper shell sits flat on the truck’s roof while driving, then lifts to impressive heights once parked with the help of two large struts. The front and rear include folding supports holding swing-down windows that latch to the ceiling during transit. Thanks to the massive front and rear windows, campers get an unobstructed view of the wild locations they chose to camp.

The all-new Lagom camper top extends to 6.7 feet above the bed. The cab-over section allows for 3 feet of seated room. If winter weather is a concern, the Lagom has added upholstery around the upper bed and window covers to insulate the cabin better. 

What’s the interior of the camper shell like? 

At first glance, the Lagom camper shell might seem a bit sparse, but there is a good reason. Since the Colorado-based company values practicality over anything else, they made a point to keep the truck’s bed open and useable even with the camper shell installed. 

Even beyond the bed, the interior is clean and open. New Atlas also mentions the optional Goal Zero Yeti 1500 portable electrical system, which delivers camp power and is easily removed when it’s not needed. It’s paired with up to 200 watts of solar charging.

How much does the Lagom camper shell cost?

The Lagom starts at $14,000. If you want the optional Base Plus with LED lighting package, the Yeti 1500, solar power, and MaxxAir fan, it’ll run you $17,000. For an additional $4,000, customers can get the Expedition Pack which adds roof rails, MOLLE panels, an outside ladder, and a front LED light bar to either Base or Base Plus models. 

So far, the Lagom is compatible with 2016+ Tacomas with 5- or 6-foot beds, all Jeep Gladiator models, and 2015 to 2020 F-150s with 6.5-foot beds. Although, Rossmönster is working on expanding the trucks you can use with the Lagom. 


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