Ever Felt Like Spending $300,000 on a Ram 1500?

No. Of course, you haven’t, because that’s silly. Well, the folks over at Aznom certainly have. The Aznom Palladium is an odd bird, to say the least. At first glance, it looks one part Rolls Royce and one part El Camino. Although this wild mashup may not look it, it is really just a dressed-up version of the newest generation Ram 1500 pickup. I like an El Camino as much as the next person, but this fancy truck/car hybrid machine will cost roughly as much as Scrooge McDuck’s gold-coin pool.

You’ve seen the Best of Italian coach builders, now see the rest

Italy is home to some of the most famous coachbuilders of all time. Probably the most famous of all of them being Pininfarina. Although Pininfarina is most famous for designing some legendary Ferraris, the Italian design house is responsible for styling some other surprising yet stunning cars. Some non-Ferrari’s it designed was the MGB GT, Nash Healy, and even an oddball Corvette called the C2 Rondine.

1971 MGB GT
1971 MGB GT | Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images

Not only is it silly to buy a hyper-lux Ram 1500 from a coachbuilder, but there are also just so many other cooler custom Coach builders out there. Obviously, the Anzom Palladium is nothing like an MGB GT, and it’s not meant to be, but there is a world a difference just in the actual design work. The Palladium is just a truck draped with expensive materials.

The strangest car you’ve never heard of

MotorTrend reports that Aznom is an ultra-high-end design house from the land of ultra-high-end design houses, Monza, Italy. The people of Monza are no stranger to wild designs rolling down the road, but the Aznom Palladium doesn’t exactly fit the typical style.

Aznom Palladium Ram 1500
Aznom Palladium | Aznom

Marcello Maregalli sits at the helm of Aznom. The coachbuilding company used to do more simple modifications, but now the custom car builders are reaching deep into the ether and pulling back some strange creations. 

The building blocks for the Palladium 

In 2018 Aznom branched out from light custom work to full-blown bespoke coachbuilding with the Atulux. This was the predecessor of the final-form version, the Palladium. The Atulux is also a truck/car built on the Ram 1500 chassis hybrid inspired by President Barak Obama’s heavily armored ride, “The Beast.” The strange proportions of the armored Cadillac limo inspired Maregalli to shoot for the (weird-shaped) stars. 

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Aznom considers the new Palladium polished version of the Atulux. The Palladium looks much closer to Rolls Royce than a Ram 1500, whereas the Atulux is just a Ram 1500 with a wig lightly sitting on top of its horns. The Palladium has had its bed walled in, removing any overt Ram 1500 looks away. However, the exterior has been successfully transformed the interior struggles to hide its ranch-hand roots. 

Palladium Interior still looks like a Ram 1500

The coachbuilders put a ton of work into the truck-car thing, but they couldn’t quite erase the chunky interior of the Ram 1500. The center console is slathered in high-end textured leather, but it’s still just the wide, Coleman cooler-looking hardware of a pickup truck.

Aznom Palladium Ram 1500
Aznom Palladium | Aznom

The second row (crew cab) of seats is huge. It looks like a couch in a strangely-decorated room. Ugly or not, the legroom is undeniable. Mood lighting, cocktail tumblers, and wooden sliding drawers top off the 60s-pimp vibe for the pickup truck bespoke Italian car. 

The Anzom Palladium just doesn’t compete with other hyper-luxury cars

If you look at Bently and Rolls Royce, the sedans they build are damn-near as big as some pickups and probably just as heavy. Like Bentley and Rolls, the Ram 1500 has some massive motor options with plenty of power to move a heavy-built coach down the road with ease. 

The Palladium uses a twin-turbocharged verison of the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 along with Ram’s eTorque mild hybrid system, according to MotorTrend. Although this engine feels plopped in, a related tuning house called Monza Garage gave it a once over to optimize performance. Aznom claims the Palladium makes 710 hp. 

I am not here to say a pickup truck can’t be as cool or classy as other luxury vehicles, but the Anzom looks more in the Donald Trump camp of “cover it in gold and then it’s fancy” than an actual luxury item. It is gaudy and silly. It feels much more like an afterthought than a bespoke car costing north of $300,000.