Wow Look! You Can Turn Your Ram Pickup Into This Lavish Party Sedan

Did you buy that Ram 1500 pickup but deep down you really wanted a Rolls-Royce-sort of lavish luxury party sedan? There must be a few of you out there? Otherwise, how do you explain the Aznom Palladium? Aznom has doubled down on this idea and is now offering what it calls its “hyper-limousine” to the world. 

But you’ll have to hurry as it has already announced it will make only 10 of them. We don’t know whether this is a reflection of how many people it can gather who might want one of these beasts or if it’s about keeping it exclusive enough? We won’t venture a guess. But we’ll be honest and say if it was painted yellow it would be hard to distinguish the Palladium from a Checker cab. 

It’s really hard to get what is compelling enough to warrant someone purchasing this

Not to take anything away from the Checker cab. It’s just really hard to get what might be compelling enough to warrant someone purchasing this. One thing we know is that this is the size of a monster. The overall length is almost 20-feet long. That’s nothing short of massive.

The uprights in the grille are illuminated for a novel approach to front end lighting. The Sherman tank-like slit windows in the huge C-pillars seem to do nothing more than to help break up those huge sail panels. The rear of the Palladium tries to blend the fender form with the tapering top and rear sheet metal. This is in an attempt to resolve the body to the Ram truck proportions. As you can see it comes off awkwardly at best. 

Imagining a Ram 1500 under this sedan’s skin helps to explain the chunky looks of the Palladium

Imagining a Ram 1500 under this sedan’s skin helps to explain the chunky, funky monkey looks of the Palladium. There is no hatch or trunk lid. Instead, the whole rear pulls out like a dresser drawer. Novel, but is it really the best way to get into the rear of your coach?

The good news is under the hood. The twin-turbo Ram 5.7 liter V8 sits comfortably in the engine compartment. Standard, you’ll get 700 hp and 701 lb.-ft of torque.  Ram’s eTorque hybrid system is also available. The transmission is an eight-speed automatic tied into the four-wheel-drive unit. We don’t know how much this sucker weighs but it can hit 62 mph in 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 131 mph. There are no fuel economy numbers available. 

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The Aznom Palladium comes with a full set of matching leather luggage and a Francesco Maglia umbrella

Just to give potential buyers a little extra nudge the Aznom Palladium also comes with a full set of matching leather luggage, and a Francesco Maglia umbrella. Now you’ll know you’re wading in tall grass. 

Neither the price nor the weight of the Palladium is ever mentioned. That raises a couple of flags. But for those who might be interested neither of those bits of info should matter.