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The Volkswagen ID.4 is one of the most important VW nameplates in recent years because of what it represents for the German automaker. The ID.4 is a global success. It will help usher Volkswagen into the electric future. A YouTuber that focuses on electric vehicle content has a major bone to pick with the VW ID.4.

YouTuber finds the Volkswagen ID.4 to be too buggy

Electric vehicles have come a long way in the last five years. The vehicles are still in their infancy, and plenty of small issues and problems will arise as popular electric vehicle nameplates are developed. These issues will range from mild tech problems to potentially dangerous mechanical problems that warrant recalls. No matter how big or small the issue, these problems are bound to be highlighted and documented because EV tech is such a hot topic.

Tesla issues are a perfect example of how EVs are scrutinized because of how new they are compared to existing gas-powered vehicles. Whether developed by Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota, or other major automakers, one thing is certain. New electric vehicle nameplates have room for improvement.

The electric vehicle YouTube channel E for Electric has over 169,000 subscribers. The verified YouTube channel created and hosted by Alex Guberman mainly focuses on electric vehicle news and reviews. In the video above, Guberman states that he was a huge fan of the VW ID.4, but his opinion has changed for several reasons after owning the EV.

Guberman lists several tech issues that he claims to have personally experienced including false low tire pressure warnings, Android Auto bugs, an infotainment system that randomly reboots, and a faulty backup camera. It’s important to note that the Volkswagen ID.4 has yet to have any major safety recalls issued. So, there’s no way of telling how widespread ID.4 software issues are yet, but the electric SUV wouldn’t be the first EV to need a software patch, and it definitely won’t be the last.

Is the Volkswagen ID.4 a good electric SUV?

Overall, the Volkswagen ID.4 has received stellar reviews from consumers and automotive publications. The electric SUV is the first to compete with the popular Tesla Model Y on an international scale. The ID.4 has even toppled the Model Y in Europe thanks to its affordability and practicality.

The 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 starts at just $37,495. The base model’s EPA-estimated range has yet to be announced, but expect it to get between 230 and 255 miles of driving range. Even the base model comes standard with creature comforts like heated front seats and wireless device charging. The 2023 ID.4 is available in a whopping eight trims including different all-wheel drive configurations.

Should you get a Volkswagen ID.4?

A gray 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 small electric SUV is driving on the road.
The 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 | Volkswagen

The Volkwagen ID.4 is a favorite in the small electric SUV segment because it is well-balanced. The electric SUV doesn’t break, the bank, has practical driving range, and is both comfortable and spacious. Car and Driver praises its quiet ride.

The ID.4 remains one of the best electric SUVs for the money. Software issues may be a cause for concern, but the Ford Mustang Mach-E had its fair share of issues in 2022 and remains a top dog in its segment. Is any electric vehicle safe from software bugs in 2022?

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