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There’s no question that where you live and the driving conditions you’re used to play a key role in which vehicle you own. So, it makes sense that some used cars sell better in certain parts of the country than others. But a recent study magnified some of these trends through a lens of used car sales sorted by city and state. If you live in Michigan, you’re among a population of used Chevy Equinox lovers. According to the sales data, drivers in Michigan can’t stop scooping up used Equinox models. And here’s what might be contributing to such a trend there.

The study that shares best-selling used cars by state

Consumers are definitely driving their cars longer than ever before. And today’s vehicles are lasting longer due to innovative engineering, too. So, buying used cars continues to be a popular trend, especially for those interested in saving money and avoiding new car depreciation. This trend inspires the latest iSeeCars used car study, where all the sales data collected has been sorted by state and city.

The iSeeCars study assessed more than 9.8 million used car sales, spanning five model years of vehicles (2017-2021) nationally. These sales were also tiered by state and metropolitan area. Not included in this study are any heavy-duty contenders. But all other models were fair game.

Michigan is selling a ton of used Chevy Equinox models

Based on the used car sales data, it appears that Michigan is selling a lot of used Chevy Equinox models. It’s by far the most popular used car across the entire state. Of all the used car transactions happening in Michigan, 8.3% of them are the Chevy Equinox.

When the study further breaks down Equinox sales to target geographic metro areas, the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo area are hotspots for used Equinox sales. Of all the used cars sold in the metropolitan area, 5.9% of them represent Chevy Equinox models.

The popular Chevy Equinox, even used, continues to be a wildly popular SUV nationwide. In fact, it’s the most popular used SUV in 2022, owning 2.2% of the nation’s used car sales. That’s up from 2021’s share of 1.8%. It’s actually a runner-up as the most popular used car in six other states, too. So, what’s driving consumers to choose used Chevy Equinox SUVs at such a high rate?

SUVs, in general, continue to be in high demand with their rugged styling, improved cargo, and all-wheel drive capabilities. But the Chevy Equinox tends to be a favorite among consumers because of its affordability.

You can still choose your favorite trims and features without breaking the bank or compromising safety or convenience. Also, the Equinox is predicted to last well over 200,000 miles, meaning at least a decade of driving life. Despite the problems that pop up in some of the worst model years, the Equinox is more likely to last longer based on the data.

The Chevy Equinox was the best-selling SUV in Michigan in 2019. So the surge in today’s used car metrics could just represent the resale of all those new Equinox SUVs sold off the lot in 2019. Although surging gas prices could be driving consumers there to find more fuel-efficient, used SUV options, too.

Either way, it’s clear that Michigan drivers can’t get enough of the used Equinox models available, and plenty of them will be on the road in the future.

Whether it’s the versatility of the Equinox, its affordability, or its fuel economy, it remains one of the most popular used cars, and Michiganders seem to love it the most.


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