Does the Ram Power Wagon Have a Nice Interior?

The Ram Power Wagon is an iconic heavy-duty truck that can do the work that smaller trucks can’t do. Currently, the Power Wagon is based on the Ram 2500, whose interior is based on the Ram 1500’s. Here’s what car reviewers had to say about the Power Wagon’s interior.

Pros of the Power Wagon’s interior

As Consumer Reports said, the interior of the Power Wagon was based on the Ram 1500’s interior. Apparently, Ram told Consumer Reports that Ram just took the interior of the Ram 1500 and gave it to the Power Wagon. This was a smart move too, as the Ram 1500’s interior is the best in its class, according to both reviewers and Ram’s competitors.

Car reviewers praised the interior of the Ram 1500, and it’s the same story for the Power Wagon. Consumer Reports praised almost every aspect of the Power Wagon’s interior when it came to how much head and legroom it offered. On top of that, Consumer Reports mentioned that while the center console was wide, it wasn’t wide enough to bother anyone’s legs and knees. 

The seats themselves on the Power Wagon were very comfortable, according to both U.S. News and Consumer Reports. The seats of the Power Wagon were leather, and, according to Consumer Reports, were very fancily designed. U.S. News also mentions that Ram offers a lot of additional features to the seats, such as heated and ventilated seats. 

On top of those things, Consumer Reports mentioned that the finish of the Power Wagon was very impressive and very upscale. Ram also didn’t skimp on the Power Wagon’s smart features. Consumer Reports said that, for the first time, Ram is offering a whole suite of smart safety features on the Power Wagon. 

These optional features include forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and blind spot warning. Other optional features that are available on the Power Wagon include a 360-degree camera system, adaptive cruise control, and front and rear parking sensors. Consumer Reports said that having front and rear parking sensors on the Power Wagon will be a great idea as it’s very difficult to park such a large truck. 

Additionally, Consumer Reports mentioned that the noise level inside the Power Wagon was very quiet. You can still hear the diesel engine while you’re in the Power Wagon, but things such as road noise or wind noise are largely gone when you’re sitting inside the Power Wagon.

Cons of the Power Wagon’s interior

While the Power Wagon has a great interior, it does have some issues. For example, Consumer Reports said that although the Power Wagon’s interior is very well laid out, there isn’t a left footrest. That said, Ram did tell Consumer Reports that a left footrest is something that’s on Ram’s mind when it’s time to redesign the Power Wagon. 

Furthermore, when the driver’s seat is fully lowered, Consumer Reports said that there’s not that much foot space for the driver. On top of that, in regards to the front seats, while they’re adjustable, Ram only offers a four-way adjustable seat as standard. Consumer Reports also said that the rear seats of the Power Wagon could use more support for the passengers’ legs.  

Does it have a nice interior?

In short, yes. This is an expected result when Ram did the smart move of taking what works, the interior of the Ram 1500, and just putting it into the Power Wagon with minimal changes. The interior of the Power Wagon isn’t perfect, but as far as heavy duty pickup trucks go, it’s the best in its class.