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Trucks are some of the most popular cars on the road these days, and every automaker is looking to get in on a piece of the action. However, GM doesn’t think its trucks can compete with other major automakers’ trucks, so it’s taking a bold step to fix this problem.

GM’s interior issues 

Although GM would never admit to this publicly, GM Authority claims that the automaker knows its truck interior leaves a lot to be desired, especially compared to competitors. This report could mean a lot of things, as the interior design of a vehicle is complex. For example, according to GM Authority, the Ram 1500 has not only sold far better than GM’s Silverado, but it has also won several awards.

The high-quality interior of the Ram 1500 was one of many reasons for its success with critics and the public. This could mean that GM realizes their trucks’ interiors don’t have the same level of craftsmanship and elegant design of the award-winning Chrysler truck. It could also mean GM’s trucks don’t have the same amount of interior features as the Ram 1500.

Interior solutions

Not that long ago, GM updated its Silverado and Sierra trucks in order to compete with the Ram 1500, reports Motor 1. However, this isn’t working out too well since the Ram 1500 is still beating those GM trucks in sales. But the automaker isn’t giving up. GM has a long-term plan to update its trucks, too. Both Motor 1 and GM Authority say this update will be “top notch,” though details remain scarce. 

For example, GM Authority mentions the pricey $75,000 Denali doesn’t have an interior worthy of its price point, largely due to its craftsmanship and the materials. A “top-notch” update could mean using higher-quality materials and making the interior more fashionable. 

Regardless of GM’s redesigns, it should be an upgrade overall, as the company faces more competition on the horizon. Motor 1 speculates this GM update will be unveiled against the Ford F-150 update, and of course, Chrysler is always looking to improve on the Ram 1500.

The future of GM trucks

GM Authority mentions that the Silverado and Sierra’s heavy-duty trims are class leaders when it comes to towing capacity. So, if this interior update proves successful, then GM’s trucks should be at the top again. However, when it comes to towing capacity, Ford may beat GM in the near future. It recently showed off its electric F-150 towing over 1 million pounds of cargo, and that’s mostly due to the advantages of using an electric motor. 

This interior update will allow GM’s trucks to compete with others for now. But in the future, things are less clear for the automaker. GM makes most of its money through truck sales, but it hasn’t invested heavily in electric trucks like Ford.

That said, the CEO of GM stated it would be building an electric truck to compete with Ford, Tesla, and others. However, like the specs of GM’s interior upgrades, details are scarce on the future electric truck. Regardless of the updates, GM understands that America loves trucks and it has some stiff competition.