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The Ram series of trucks are the second best selling cars in America. Some publications consider the Ram 1500 to be one of the best pickup trucks on the market right now. However, with all that popularity and all that praise, these Rams aren’t without issues. Here are the common complaints that each of these Ram trucks gets, and the one model that gets the most

Ram 3500

With only 145 complaints logged on CarComplaints, the Ram 3500 is the least complained about truck of these three popular Rams. As its name might imply, the 3500 is simply a heavier duty version of these Ram trucks.

With that extra power, comes a bigger price tag. Many other things got better or worse with this extra size. However, in terms of complaints, the 3500 seems to have gotten better than the other two Rams. 

The most common complaint about the 3500 is the fact that it had a death wobble. The death wobble was a suspension issue that affected many Dodge cars, including Ram trucks. This issue’s been fixed recently, but many owners of older models will still feel it. That was by far the most common complaint with the 3500, and the other complaints aren’t very common.

For example, the second most common complaint was that the 3500’s diesel exhaust fluid pump would stop working. This was a minor problem that did require taking the truck to the shop, but it wasn’t as bad as a death wobble. The 3500 was also subject to some recalls, but these recalls also affected many other cars made by Ram’s parent company, Chrysler.

Ram 2500

With 170 complaints on CarComplaints, the Ram 2500 is the middle of the pack in terms of complaints. Like its name would imply, it’s also pretty middle of the pack in terms of everything else. It’ll tow more than the 1500 can, but it won’t tow as much as the 3500 can. It’ll likely cost more than the 1500, but not as much as the 3500. 

In terms of its complaints, once again, the death wobble was the worst offender. However, another bad issue that affected the 2500 was that its power train was the cause of about three crashes. The steering and handling of the 2500 were also problematic, but mainly in the earlier model years. The 2500 was subject to several recalls, but those recalls also affected a lot of other vehicles that were made by Chrysler.

Ram 1500

With 965 complaints on CarComplaints, the 1500 has the most complaints of all Ram truck models. This shouldn’t be a surprise as the 1500 is the most popular model of the three, and so it’ll have more drivers and thus, it’ll get more complaints. It’s also the Ram that most people are familiar with, as it’s practically the standard Ram pickup truck.

Surprisingly, however, the death wobble wasn’t listed as the most common complaint that drivers had about the 1500. That said, the most common complaint was that the 1500’s suspension doesn’t work properly. Another problem was that many drivers reported engine issues. Almost a dozen people were injured and about six 1500s caught on fire due to those engine problems, according to CarComplaints. 

Plus, almost 190,000 Ram 1500s were recalled in 2015 due to an airbag issue. This recall only affected the 1500. The airbags on the 1500 as well as the other Ram truck models were also recalled in 2015. Furthermore, over 1.4 million Ram trucks, including the 1500, were recalled in 2015 due to a software vulnerability issue that allowed people to gain access to some of the car’s systems.