Does the Honda Ridgeline Have Android Auto?

Honda may not be known for its trucks, but the Ridgeline is one of the best trucks available in America. While the Ridgeline is a great balance of practicality and comfort, it’s still, in its core, a work truck. As a result, some features are not standard on the Ridgeline. Here’s everything you need to know about the tech that the Ridgeline offers.

The Honda Ridgeline’s standard features

The most basic Ridgeline is a work truck, so smart features aren’t going to be standard. As U.S. News reported, the Ridgeline does come standard with a 5-inch display, USB ports, as well as a rear-view camera. Notably speaking, smartphone integration, as well as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, are not standard on the Ridgeline. They are available as options, but they’re not standard features.

Other features that the Ridgeline does come standard with include a push-button start system, Bluetooth support, as well as a seven-speaker stereo system. The standard stereo system of the Ridgeline does notably have more speakers than many other standard truck models, such as the GMC Canyon, do.

The Honda Ridgeline’s optional features

As stated earlier, the Ridgeline does have an option that’ll allow its owner to use Android Auto in the truck, but it’ll cost a premium. That said, that option will upgrade the Ridgeline’s 5-inch display into an 8-inch touchscreen display that also serves as a navigational system. Apple CarPlay is also compatible with the Ridgeline’s 8-inch touchscreen display.

However, U.S. News does report that many truck reviewers didn’t like the interface of the Ridgeline’s 8-inch touchscreen display. Those reviewers, which included sites such as Edmunds and Car and Driver, said that the Ridgeline’s touchscreen was not well organized.

The stereo system of the Ridgeline can also be upgraded significantly. The Ridgeline has one of the better tailgates and truck beds in the industry right now, and Honda offers an in-bed power outlet as well as a truck bed audio system as options. These optional features allows the Ridgeline to become a great truck for tailgating. 

On top of that, Honda also offers an HD radio, satellite radio, and a hands-free communications system as options for the Ridgeline. All of these optional features allow the Ridgeline to become a truck that’s great for everyday use while still maintaining the work truck identity that the Ridgeline was built with.

The Honda Ridgeline’s smart safety features

Honda is a company that puts safety at the forefront of its vehicle design, and the Ridgeline is no different. Because the Ridgeline is a work truck, most of these smart safety features aren’t standard. However, as U.S. News reports, Honda offers a lot more smart safety features than its competitors will offer. So, if you’re willing to spend the money to be safe, then the Ridgeline will be able to provide that safety.

For example, Honda offers blindspot monitoring on both the driver-side and the passenger-side of the Ridgeline. Front and rear parking sensors are also available on the Ridgeline, and Honda is also offering lane departure warning, forward collision warning, as well as crash mitigation braking as smart safety features for the Ridgeline. 

Honda is also offering adaptive cruise control for the Ridgeline, and that’s a great technology for safety and convenience reasons. Other smart safety features that U.S. News says are available on the Ridgeline include road departure mitigation, a rear cross-traffic alert system, and lane-keep assist. 

U.S. News says that the number of smart safety features that the Ridgeline has is notable because very few mid-size trucks like the Ridgeline have such features as options.