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Truck designers are constantly competing with each other to see who the best is in the industry. From towing capacity to fuel economy, automakers are competing in everything. And now, companies even competing to see who has the best tailgate. Here are some of the coolest tailgates on the market right now.

2019 GMC Sierra

The more luxurious Sierras will come standard with GMC’s special MultiPro tailgate system. GMC’s special tailgate comes with three folding panels and can work together to create six different positions, according to The Drive. These positions will allow people to use the tailgate in several different ways. 

GMC says that certain positions will allow the tailgate to act as a workstation while others will allow the tailgate to easily facilitate a tailgate party. Other positions will allow your truck bed to secure long objects, like surfboards or construction material. And of course, it can create a step so that it’s easier to get onto your truck bed.

To lay its claim at being the best truck for tailgating, GM also offers an optional audio system that’s built into the tailgate itself. 

2019 Ram 1500

Like the MultiPro system, Ram has created a similar, but different, system for its trucks. Called the multifunction tailgate, this tailgate also has a step that makes it easier to climb onto the truck. But the main attraction to this tailgate system is the fact that it’s a split tailgate that opens like a barn door. 

According to Best Ride, Ram’s tailgate is split 60-40 down the middle, meaning one door is larger than the other. Ram says that this is the first tailgate to look like this in the industry and it’ll make it easier to load things onto the truck bed. Of course, this tailgate system can also just fold up and down like a regular tailgate can. 

However, according to MotorTrend, Ram’s multifunction tailgate isn’t standard and it will cost drivers an extra $1,000. If you want the step, it’ll cost about $300 extra. 

For tailgating, Ram also offers the RamBox system which is a weatherproof and lockable cargo area for the bed of its trucks that comes equipped with some power outlets. This is a separate system from its actual tailgate, however.

2019 Honda Ridgeline 

While Ram might technically have the first tailgate that’s split in the middle, Honda’s Ridgeline actually has had a tailgate that’s opened like a door since 2012, according to Best Ride. The Ridgeline’s swinging tailgate isn’t split in the middle, though. On top of that, or rather, below that, the Ridgeline also has an in-bed trunk

This in-bed trunk is completely sealed and thus, is weatherproof and great for tailgating parties that are in the rain. The in-bed trunk has 7.3 cubic feet of space and it’s also lockable for extra security. Furthermore, Honda offers an optional power outlet so that you can plug in electronics if you want to. 

2019 Chevy Silverado 

The most basic but still pretty cool tailgate on this list belongs to the Silverado. Its tailgate doesn’t open fancily but it is powered by an electric motor. MotorTrend says that this powered tailgate can lift and lower stuff on the tailgate, making loading and offloading a breeze. All you need to do to activate it is to press a button.

This powered tailgate comes standard on the High Country trim of the Silverado. It’s also available as an optional package for other trims for about $1,550, according to MotorTrend. While this may seem unimpressive compared to the other tailgates on this list, it should be noted that most automakers, including Ford, haven’t designed a fancier tailgate yet.