Does the GMC Canyon Have a Nice Interior?

The GMC Canyon is GMC’s mid-sized truck offering for Americans. It, like any other vehicle, has its pros and cons. Here’s what car reviewers had to say about the Canyon’s interior in particular. 

Pros of the GMC Canyon’s interior

One area where the Canyon really excelled in regards to its interior was the material that GMC used for it. Consumer Reports, in particular, mentioned that while the expectations for the interior quality of a mid-sized truck are low, to begin with, the Canyon had one of the best interiors in its segment. Similarly, as U.S. News reported, many car reviewers thought that the interior of the Canyon was upscale and that the instruments were laid out logically. 

Furthermore, as any good truck should, the interior of the Canyon had plenty of legroom and headroom, especially for a mid-sized truck. The seats themselves are also made out of vinyl as standard, and leather and cloth are options. The standard driver’s seat is also power-adjustable, and that contributes to the Canyon’s ability to be comfortable for everybody.

The Canyon can seat five people, and Consumer Report says that there’s enough leg and headroom for adults back there too. In terms of its infotainment systems, the Canyon also has a lot to offer. U.S. News says that a lot of features are standard on the Canyon, such as a 7-inch touchscreen, a six-speaker stereo system, and a teen driver system designed to keep teens safe in the Canyon.

Cons of the GMC Canyon’s interior

While many reviewers enjoyed the quality of the material in the interior of the Canyon, Consumer Reports did mention that some parts of the interior weren’t up to par. Consumer Reports said that much of the interior was hard to the touch. On top of that, Consumer Reports said that while the seats offered plenty of room, they weren’t very comfortable. In fact, Consumer Reports said that every single one of its test drivers didn’t like the Canyon’s seats. 

U.S. News reported similarly. Some reviewers thought that the Canyon’s seats were too uncomfortable for long rides, even in the more expensive trims of the truck. Other reviewers, like Autotrader, also mentioned that the Canyon’s seats needed to be more supportive for long rides. Furthermore, while the Canyon had a lot of straightforward and easy to use infotainment systems, a lot of vital safety features were optional. 

Smart safety features such as forward collision warning and lane departure warning aren’t standard on the Canyon whereas those features are standard in many competing mid-sized trucks. Additionally, U.S. News also reported some difficulties in using the voice controls of the Canyon’s infotainment system. 

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Does it have a nice interior?

Like U.S. News and Consumer Reports mentioned, it’s a mixed bag. On one hand, many mid-sized trucks won’t have a nice interior, to begin with, so in comparison, the Canyon seems like it’s better than every other mid-sized truck. But on the other hand, even the more expensive trims of the Canyon had issues with its interior, and those issues are similar to what the standard Canyon has.

Style-wise, most reviewers did praise the looks of the Canyon. But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so not everyone may agree with those reviews.

And although the infotainment system and instruments on the Canyon seem to be easy to use, other smart features, which are standard in the Toyota Tacoma for example, are only optional on the Canyon. These facts, combined with the high price point, which Consumer Reports says can range from $22,000 to $44,000, doesn’t seem to make the Canyon’s interior worth the money.