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Technology has made many things easier, and this is especially true for car owners. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest gas or advice about minor car problems, there are numerous apps you can use to get the information. Many of these apps are free or inexpensive, and they’re easy to use. To save you time and memory on your phone, we’ve rounded up the best free apps for car owners. Not every app will be useful to all car owners so only download apps that you will use frequently.


The Waze app gathers real-time traffic information about your area from other Waze users, which helps make it the best navigation app. You’ll be able to find out if there are any street or bridge closures before you even hit the road. You’re also able to find the fastest route to where you need to be in real time. This app lets you send reports of accidents and construction work that might hinder traffic in your area.


Since a majority of people still drive cars that are powered by gas, it can be difficult for those with electric vehicles to locate a charging station. The PlugShare app is a car charging station finder app designed to help you find the nearest car charging stations. This app also includes user reviews of over 140,000 charging stations throughout the country. You can pay for charging through your phone and add new stations to the app so others will know about them.


Many car drivers want to find the cheapest gas, and the GasBuddy app helps you do it. This app will give you a list of the cheapest gas stations near you, and you’ll also receive price hike alerts that are coming soon. You’ll even be able to obtain the latest gas discounts from local convenience stores.


You can find the most affordable car mechanic in your area with the RepairPal app. Just type in your car’s make and model along with the issues the car has. From there, you’ll see an estimate of how much you’ll pay based on mechanics in your area. You can bring this estimate with you when comparing different mechanics.

Kelley Blue Book

If you want detailed information about a car before you make a purchase, you should get the Kelley Blue Book app. You’ll be able to access KBB’s database and search for the value of potential cars that you might be interested in. You can also read reviews of those cars and to help you buy wisely.

Uber and Lyft

These days, you don’t have to work for a cab company to earn money while driving. Ridesharing services, such as Uber and Lyft, are designed to hire regular car owners to pick up and drop off customers all around town. The benefit of this gig is that you can set a flexible schedule and work when you want to.


If you’re looking for a carshare, then you should check out Turo. The app helps connect people in need of a vehicle with regular people who are willing to rent out their vehicles. After making a selection in the app, you would meet the car owner who would check your driver’s license before allowing you to use the vehicle. When you’re done, you return the car to the owner. It could be the next big thing in car rentals.