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For some, Summer is synonymous with hours spent out on the water. Many buyers hesitate to buy a boat for fear of needing a bigger vehicle to tow it. However, several lightweight boats can be towed behind the average family SUV. Owning a heavy-duty pickup truck isn’t a prerequisite to boat ownership anymore. No matter what you like to do on the water, there’s a boat under 2,000 pounds for you.

The Nitro Z18 is spacious for its weight

A red Citroen C5 HDI towing a boat
2002 Citroen C5 HDI towing a boat | National Motor Museum/Heritage Images via Getty Images

This boat is loved amongst fishers for its lightweight, and quick speed comes in at 1,700 lbs. The Nitro comes with a live well, swivel fishing seats, and non-skid mats to keep your footing sure. With a nice length of 18’8″ and seating for three other guests, this little bass boat is a breeze to tow and a joy to drive. You also get the three options for motors letting you fine-tune your enjoyment and weight limit.

The Charger 210 Elite is a fisher’s dream

Charger boats are known for their speed, and with this boat, they take it a step further. Heated seats, integrated GPS, sonar systems, an incredible competition-style live well, night vision camera, and storage for 24 fishing rods give this choice plenty of appeal. With a dry weight of 1,900 lbs, you can expect to have no issue pulling this beauty behind you. The Charger 210 Elite is a fisher’s dream.

The Boston Whaler 170 Montauk is ones of the best-appointed Boats under 2,000 pounds

At 17’4″, this seven-seater is an excellent choice for a day on the water with some friends. Weighing 1,700 lbs, this boat is a nice easy tow. And it comes with its own galvanized trailer. The Boston Whaler also comes with a 25 gal secondary fuel tank for those long tours. Winning the Best Boat’s International Award, the Montauk is well suited for fishing or fast fun.

The Avalon Catalina DRL 24 is a fast thrill

If you are in the market for a pontoon boat, the Avalon is one of the lighter choices. The Avalon has a dry weight that is just under 2,000 lbs. Being light has its benefits as this boat has great handling in rough conditions and large glassy bodies of water. If you are in the mood to go fast, the Avalon has an optional Wave Rider option.

Boats under 2,000 pounds don’t mean fewer passengers

If the last one didn’t float your boat, the Lowe SS210 might get you there. With a dry weight of 1,900 lbs, it’s a little lighter than the Avalon, and with a motor pushing 150 hp, it’s faster as well. All that coupled with seating for up to 13 passengers, extra plush seating, and storage for every person you have a great boat you should have no trouble getting to the ramp.

The Sweetwater 2086 BF is loaded with features

The Sweetwater weighs a decent 1,816 lbs and has a variety of seating for all your passengers desires. Fishing seats, a round table for cards or a meal, and courtesy interior lighting are just a few amenities you get with this pontoon boat. You can choose more than eight optional packages when buying the Sweetwater, making it easy to customize to any taste.


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