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A great day on the water starts with having the right equipment. The National Marine Electronics Association issues awards to the best boating accessories. Each of these items has been expertly reviewed and tested to meet the highest standards. Every boat should have at least one of these onboard.

Two of the most basic boating accessories, a coil of rope and a tie-off
essential boating accessories | H G Ross/ClassicStock/Getty Images

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All fishermen need this tool

Using multi-beam technology, the Furuno DFF3D Multi-Beam 3D shows boaters a clear image of the underwater topography beneath their hull. This ultra-compact sonar is easy to fit and install on most boats and is compatible with a few Furuno multimedia systems. The deep-water DFF3D gives a three-dimensional model of the water, animals, and geography below it. The NMEA consistently recommends Furuno products.

Ride autopilot to your favorite spots

The Garmin Reactor 40 with SmartPump v2 is an autopilot system unlike any other. Installation of this system can be challenging, but programming it couldn’t be easier. Most owners will have to mount the controls for their autopilot system into a custom dash. This is one of the most useful accessories any boat owner can buy.

Get a better view of the water around you

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The Furuno DRS4DNXT Solid-State Doppler is one of the best radar systems on the market. The NXT series is the first from Furuno to feature its new Target Analyzer™ function. As targets move closer to the vessel, they change color. The shade and hue rapidly change in response to target movement.

Features such as rain mode take the guesswork out of identifying underwater targets. Rain echos will appear on screen in blue, making them easy to differentiate from other targets. Bird mode helps identify sea birds as they feed on schools of fish.

Wave WiFi’s new Tidal Wave will keep you connected on the water

The dual-band Tidal Wave boasts the furthest connection range of any Wave WiFi device. This receiver offers the strongest signal available within federal regulations. It requires no specific software for ultimate ease of use. Three devices can connect simultaneously. The Tidal Wave features a one-gigabit ethernet port for ultimate speed offshore.

Capture high-quality video


The Most Common Outboard Motor Problems

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FLIR’s M364C marine camera captures high definition video in low light conditions. This camera has one of the most advanced thermal imagery cores on the market. Exclusive FLIR Color Thermal Vision™ (CTV) technology blends thermal images with camera footage to provide a clearer picture of what’s happening below the water’s surface.

Enjoy clear satellite reception for up to 104 cabins

The KVH TracVision UHD7 Satellite TV Antenna claims to deliver crystal clear image reception even on rough water. Each system is easily installed with just two cables. The antenna comes ready to support 26 tuners. The system can be expanded to support 104 tuners making this system big enough for even the largest yacht.

The TracVision system is compatible with programming from most major satellite providers. A compatible phone app allows users to check signal strength right from their smartphone. With 4K DIRECTV, customers will enjoy HD and 4K reception thanks to KVH’s advanced multi-satellite tracking TriAD technology.

Score peace of mind with a remote monitoring system

Few pieces of equipment offer boaters the peace of mind that a remote surveillance system provides. The GOST Apparition SM GPS XVR remote monitoring alerts owners to a wide spectrum of dangers, including intrusion, theft, fire, high water, shore power, and more. Moreover, an eight-camera HD video monitoring system allows owners to keep their eyes on their vessel.