Must-Have Fishing Boat Accessories for This Fishing Season

It’s nearly fishing season. And before launching this season, you’re going to want to outfit your fishing boat with these must-have fishing accessories. From life vests to waterproof speakers, these fishing boat accessories are sure to make your time on the water even more enjoyable. 

A fishing boat on the water.
A fishing boat. | Dennis Anderson/Star Tribune via Getty Images

Essential accessories for a new fishing boat

Gearing up for your first fishing season? Well, there are a few essential fishing boat accessories that you’re going to need before launching for the first time. And, according to SaltWater Sportsman, one of those essential fishing-boat accessories includes a life vest. You might also opt for an inflatable life jacket instead. 

“Whether a vest or belt-worn model, inflatables are low-profile and lightweight. When the wearer hits the water, a CO₂ canister inflates rubber bladders to provide flotation,” SaltWater Sportsman explains.

As for additional fishing boat accessories? SaltWater Sportsman also recommends making sure that you have a first-aid kit, tool kit, emergency flares, and additional life vests on hand. 

Must-have fishing boat accessories that cost less than $30

Now that we have essential safety fishing boat accessories out of the way, let’s get into must-having fishing boat accessories that won’t cost you more than $30. Take, for example, mini keychain floats. According to Boating, these cheap mini keychain floats are both easy to use and easy to keep track of. They’ll also help you keep track of port and starboard, says Boating.

Boating suggests picking up a few dry bags before launching for this year’s fishing season too. According to Boating, these convenient bags boast taped seams and a roll-top clip system that’s designed to keep your gear protected from water. 

Accessories to make your next fishing trip a memorable one

You’ve finished fishing for the day and are ready to relax. Why not make the most of that relaxation time by outfitting your boat with waterproof speakers. Go Downsize suggests opting for a waterproof speaker with Bluetooth so that you can stream your favorite tunes directly from your phone.

Now, let’s say you plan on docking your boat and exploring the shore line. If that’s the case, consider picking up a hammock. Hammocks are a great way to get in some quality rest after a long day of fishing the open waters. 

Tech-savvy fishing boat accessories that make catching fish a breeze

Maybe not a breeze but you get the idea. Discover Boating reccomends picking up a fish finder similar to a Simrad GO9 XSE Fishfinder/Chartplotter Combo. According to Discover Boating, this all-in-one fish finder will have you “navigating to the hotspots and hooking up with the big ones in no time.”

And if you haven’t picked up a GoPro yet? This fishing season might be the time to do so. According to Sonar Wars, this must-have fishing boat accessory is the answer to catching those memorable fishing moments.

“Instead of telling fish stories about your latest trophy, the GoPro action camera allows your real life fishing stories be seen and shared,” explains Sonar Wars.


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Outfitting your fishing boat is half the fun of owning one

These aren’t the only fishing accessories out there. In fact, the next time you find yourself exploring your local outdoor store, odds are you’re going to come across some must-have fishing accessories. Fortunately, outfitting your fishing boat with these accessories is half the fun of owning one.