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For nearly a decade Lexus’s RX has been the brand’s best-selling SUV. It’s easy to see why. The RX 350 and its hybrid brother the RX 450h combine luxury, reliability, good looks, all-wheel drive and utility. That also makes the Lexus RX 350 used a good find for a luxury SUV that will be a comfy commuter or a highway champ for road trips.

A used RX 350 worth buying?

A red L:exus RX 350 near a vineyard.
2019 Lexus RX 250 | Lexus

The Lexus RX 350 SUV is the gas version and the RX 450h is the hybrid and Lexus has used pretty much the same names for several years. The RX is a five-seat SUV with powerful V6 a large hatch that can hold several suitcases, no matter which year you pick. Since this is a luxury SUV, you can expect that any RX will have navigation, leather, several driver aids and technology. Heated seats and steering wheel, booming stereos, and many more options are available. Lexus revamped the RX several times since its initial launch in 1998 and each has been an iteration on the same formula.

What is the best year of the Lexus RX used?

A silver RX 350 at the Chicago Auto Show in 2016
2016 Lexus RX 350 FSport | Photo By Raymond Boyd Getty Images

The Lexus RX was redesigned in 2016, and then slightly improved the next year with a longer L version that holds seven people. Lexus sold thousands of 2017 models, and that means a lot of these exist for sale used and they look fresh. In the mid-2010s Lexus decided to start selling less-boring vehicles and the RX came from that new marketing direction. In 2016 the giant Lexus schnoz grille debuted.

While not everyone loves the giant grille, it’s the best way to spot a newer RX 350 or RX 450h. Also, Lexus ditched its hated touchpad controller for the infotainment system in favor of an easy-to-use joystick in 2016. The V6 is also more powerful in the 2016, with an 8-speed automatic. It was the first Lexus to really compete with the BMW X5.

Does the Lexus RX 350 hold its value?

Lexus RX 350s hold their value. According to, which tracks used car prices, a clean 2016 Lexus RX 350 used should sell for about $35,000 with all-wheel drive, depending on the options and the condition. A 2016 Lexus RX 350 was more than $50,000 new. Expect to pay a $2,000 premium for a 2016 hybrid RX 450h, according to NADA.

Is a used Lexus RX 350 reliable?

interior of RX 350
2019 Lexus RX 350 interior | Lexus

Though the newer RX SUVs look, well, newer, Consumer Reports recommends every single Lexus RX made since 2006. Owners don’t report any major issues with the RX, either, at J.D. Power. While there have been a few recalls on the RX over the years, those should have been fixed by now and the RX came with a four-year warranty that covered any repairs. It’s also one of the most reliable SUVs.

What platform is the Lexus RX built on?

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The Toyota Highlander SUV in silver | Toyota

In the early 2000s, the Lexus RX was one of the first cool luxury SUVs that didn’t seem like just a tarted-up version of a base SUV. Infinity, for example, was making the first QX that simply looked like a Nissan with some chrome. The RX was different, though different versions of it have been based on the Venza or Highlander platforms it always has had a more stately look that befits the Lexus badge. The fifth generation, the new 2023 version, should arrive soon based on the Highlander platform.