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Lexus sells more 2002 Lexus RXs than any other SUV. But it’s built on the same platform as the Toyota Highlander. Is it worth the extra dough for a 2022 RX when a Highlander has many of the same features, especially in Platinum trim? In a Lexus RX vs. Highlander showdown, the Highlander is cheaper, but is that all?

A fully-equipped 2022 Toyota Highlander approaches the Lexus’s price

A red Toyota Highlander on a road.
2022 Toyota Highlander | Toyota

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The 2022 Toyota Highlander starts at $35,855 for a basic front-wheel drive version. Toyota makes 11 different trims, and the popular XLE and XSE midline versions, are about $42,500 and pack in a lot of the luxury you’d expect in a luxury SUV. At that price, you get soft-touch leather-like trim on the dash and doors, two-tone leather seats, a large touchscreen, and more.

The top trim level of the 2022 Highlander, the Platinum, starts at $48,010 for a gas-powered front-wheel-drive version but tops out at nearly $50,000 for the Hybrid version. It comes with heated seats in the front and second row, a 10-way driver’s seat, a bird’s eye 360-degree camera, premium audio, and your choice of four interior colors. It’s also one of Consumer Reports’ best-rated three-row SUVs.

The Lexus RX price starts low, goes high

A gray Lexus RX350Lin a driveway
2022 Lexus RX 350L | Lexus

The Lexus is priced similarly, at least for the base vehicle. The RX350 starts at $46,995 the top-level 2022 RX 450hl seven-passenger hybrid starts at $53,185. The L version is the three-row, seven-seater, while the h denotes a hybrid. Buyers know the RX as a powerful, but frugal, SUV that drives well and won’t make you worry every time you pass a gas station.

Very quickly options can inflate the price. All -wheel drive adds $1,400. The parchment leather with aluminum trim is a $6,000 option. Navigation is a $2,285 option, while heated front seats are a $440 option. The safety systems add a lot, too, like the panoramic monitor with automatic braking package adds $1,365. Very quickly an RX can be a $60,000 SUV.

Is Lexus going to redesign the RX?

2023 Lexus RX in bronze
2023 Lexus RX | Lexus

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The current generation of the Lexus RX will sail off into the sunset at the end of 2022. The new 2023 RX will get a sportier outlook to take on BMWs. There is no L version, however, as the TX will fill that niche. But there are a ton of reasons to consider a 2022 right now, including eager beaver dealers that will want to get rid of older models soon.

The 2022 Toyota Highlander loses in the shuffle at Toyota. The off-road (and seven-seater) 4Runner and RAV4 grab most of the headlines. But the Highlander is a capable, nice driving, SUV that seats eight and has a fuel-efficient powertrain. Toyota’s last major refresh of the Highlander came in 2019 when it added Toyota Safety Sense driver aids, a new V6, and an improved interior that has wireless charging, extra sound deadening material, and new trims.