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Ford makes some of world’s the best-selling trucks. The F-Series models outsold every other pickup stateside in 2022, with more than 650,000 units delivered. Two other Ford trucks made the top 15: the Maverick (at 10) and the Ranger (at 11). The latter sold over 57,000 units last year, making it one of the most popular midsize trucks. But those numbers don’t reflect the tens of thousands of units sold outside the States. And starting with the 2024 Ford Ranger, the American model will differ from the global model. 

Is Ford redesigning the Ranger?

2024 Ford Ranger: U.S. vs. global model
2024 Ford Ranger | Ford

Ford has already redesigned the global Ranger model. The latest version began selling in Europe in November 2022, Motor1 reports. 

And recent spy shots of the U.S. 2024 Ford Ranger show similar changes. The brake lights will move above the cab’s rear window. Bumper steps behind the rear wheels will not be included, and there will be slight changes to the front fascia, specifically the lower area. 

Pickup Truck Talk also deduces that the 2024 Ford Ranger will have powertrains similar to those in the Bronco SUV, considering “they have the same underpinnings.” But reviewers note there will likely be a hybrid powertrain option too, given the success of the hybrid F-150 and Maverick models.

Additionally, one of the most significant upgrades will happen in the cabin. Edmunds calls the 2024 Ford Ranger a “massive departure” from the current U.S. model. The new design looks more functional, with physical controls for the HVAC settings and a less cluttered center console. A wireless charging pad and USB ports are also expected. 

How is the American 2024 Ford Ranger different from the global model?

2024 Ford Ranger interior
2024 Ford Ranger interior | Ford

The updated U.S. Ranger is more similar to the global pickup truck than the previous model, but there are some key differences. 

First, the frame rails and chassis are adjusted to meet American safety standards. Bumper steps in the cladding behind the rear wheels are absent from the U.S. model but included on the global Ranger. Also, unlike the American model, the global version has its brake light above the tailgate release button.

Regarding their engines, the two models are vastly different. Ford confirmed three diesel power plants for the global Ranger, but the U.S. model probably won’t have any of those choices. Edmunds notes that Ford has called the engine bay spacious, meaning there will likely be room for hybrid options and a potential turbocharged V6. The latter could indicate a Ranger Raptor trim. 

Is the American 2024 Ford Ranger better than the global model?

If predictions hold, the American 2024 Ford Ranger will be better than the global model. Hybrid, turbocharged V6, and inline-four engine options present much better variety than the three diesel choices. 

The upgraded interior will likely appear in both the U.S. and global Ranger, so that won’t be a big difference. Either way, button controls, more storage, and a cleaner layout are positives. 

And style-wise, the two models will be highly similar, with a few front fascia tweaks that won’t make a substantial difference. The more prominent brake lights on the American 2024 Ranger will likely be more functional, but the lack of bumper steps on the U.S. model gives a slight advantage to the global Ranger. 


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