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For the first time, the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon is in the limelight. The COVID-19 surge of new camper van enthusiasts has made events like the Caravan Salon a pretty big deal. As the camper van and RV customer base continue to explode, more automakers are stepping into the segment to capitalize on the cash grab. Renault’s new Hippie Caravan Hotel is just like it sounds; a roving compact camper van that transforms into a full luxury mini-resort, closer to glamping than camping, no matter where you find yourself.

Renault's new compact camper van concept rendering was made to show glamping fans that there is something coming for them.
Glamping Renault compact camper van | Renault

How can a compact camper van unfold into a mini-resort? 

Like most camper vans, there’s a driving configuration and a camping configuration. Seats fold and swivel depending on whether you need to drive or get a good night’s sleep. However, unlike most camper vans, the back hatch can open up, and the bed can slide out, making an outdoor lounge. The seatback folds up into a daybed, and campers can enjoy the shade from the open lift-gate and integrated side drapes.

According to New Atlas, this compact camper van/mobile resort concept also features lounge chairs on the roof that allows the camper to get full sun while they layout. This might as well be poolside at the Ritz. Finishing out the roof lounge, Renault added small drink tables to really send the poolside vibes over the edge. 

How is this small Reanult camper van hitting both “Hippie” and “Caviar”? 

rendering showing the glamping roof lounge of the new Renault camper van concept
The modular roof lounge | Renault

The outside lounge options clearly touch on the “hippie” aspects of the Renault camper van concept, but what about the caviar side? Well, just because the hippie part comes first in the name doesn’t mean that campers will be roughing it. 

The idea is that Hippie Caviar customers can order their campsite ahead of time and arrive at it delivered, set up, and ready to use. Basically, Renault sends ahead (and builds) a shipping container with a full deck, bathroom, furniture, and even an EV charger.  The shipping container contents full of glamping materials will likely be customizable to whatever the campers might need. 

The idea is to deliver the raised deck glamping experience without being limited to the campsite that offers it. This offers the less adventurous campers a chance to see more of the world without sacrificing the travel bug. And if that weren’t enough, the Hippie caviar camper van concept also depicts a drone that can carry out small orders for booze or more food for campers who are locked into camper mode. 

The interior is where the luxury-style really ramps up

image of the full build out of the camper van decking that transforms any place into a campsite.
The modular roof lounge | Renault

The interior of the Hippie Caviar camper van concept is loaded with natural fibers like wool and linen. It also features various exotic woods and even a wicker-style dash. The idea is to make a high-end cabin and really drive home the vacation aesthetic. As we well know, nothing says vacation like wicker and linen. 

This camper van concept still hasn’t shown us everything

Renault still hasn’t clarified whether this compact camper van has an onboard galley or if the kitchen comes with the deliverable decking. It’s also unclear if the tailgate lounge can be set up in a halfway position, supporting itself while hovering over the ground, or if it must be fully removed and planted on the deck or level ground. 

Regardless of these unclear details, this little camper van is gunning for major luxury while remaining somewhat simple and natural. We should see these questions answered when the Hippie Caviar camper van debuts on August 27th. 


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