This Super-Lux Glamper Van RV Was Made With Chefs in Mind

The world said they wanted RVs, so the world has begun giving us more RVs than we know what to do with. Here in the states, the cool camper vans (or trucks) like Alpha or Earthroamer will cost over $100,000. At this point, it is a foregone conclusion. It is not even that uncommon to see them get into the $300,000-$500,000 range. But in Europe, RVs are typically a bit cheaper, until this one. The new Loef camper van changes the camper van, or should I say the “glamper van” game. 

The Loef camper van is one bad RV

Most camper vans will have a gas burner or two in the galley-style kitchen, even though having a built-in grill is clearly the better and more fun option. Given the space requirements of most grills, this rarely a viable option for most vans. Thankfully the Loef made it a priority. 

The Loef Camper van is one of the nicest campers in the world and its made for chefs
The Loef with built-in Big Green Egg | Loef

According to New Atlas, the people of the Loef wanted it to have a built-in grill, but not just any grill, the mack daddy of all small grills, the Green Egg. The only way to make this happen was to build this ultimate glamper on one of the longest van platforms on the road; the MAN TGE. 

The extended MAN TGE is an impressive 291-inches toe-to-tip, making it longer than some Class C RVs. This thing is huge. The Loef is even bigger than the Mercedes Alphavan

What can this RV king fit inside?

This thing has all the usuals plus some extra bits. Aside from the slide-out grill and minibar, this thing can sit 10 people comfortably to dine inside. There are multiple configurations, and you can even have the back doors open to eat al-fresco as you and your party enjoy the rear dining lounge. (I told you, glamping.) after your party guests leave your not-so-humble abode, you can fold things up and lower the table to create a master bedroom. 

The Loef Camper van is one of the nicest campers in the world and its made for chefs
The Loef interior | Loef

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The Loef has two separate dining areas, in fact. The front lounge has an L-shaped couch and 5-seater dinette, and the rear offers a similar layout for its 5 guests. The front lounge also converts into a bedroom, as well, for kids or guests to crash. This thing is truly cavernous. 

Live your glamping dreams with the Loef

Like many camper vans, the Leof has your typical bathroom and galley inside, but like the rest of this glamper, all of the furnishings are top-notch. The bathroom has a fully flushing toilette and a rainfall shower to put the lux experience over the top. 

Honestly, any grill would be cool, but the Loef has one of the best and most versatile grills around. The Big Green Egg is a ceramic grill that heats quickly and evenly and can do everything from grilling to smoking to baking. This thing rules. In the same area of the van is also the drink station/bar. A classy fold-out panel holds two liquor bottles, four glasses, a bottle opener, and a corkscrew. This van is a veritable party on wheels.