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Van life isn’t always as glamorous as Instagram suggests, but living out on the road or trail is undoubtedly appealing. And we do mean ‘living’: the latest crop of camper vans aren’t just mobile offices, but practically homes on wheels. Almost any van can be pulled into RV duty, but the Mercedes Sprinter is a popular choice among DIYers and camper van companies. Few converted Sprinters, though, are on the level of Advanced RV’s new B Box build.

That’s not a home, it’s Advanced RV’s ‘Asteroid of Happiness’ B Box Mercedes Sprinter

The side view of the white Advanced RV B Box 'Asteroid of Happiness' in the company's garage
Advanced RV B Box ‘Asteroid of Happiness’ side view | Advanced RV

Ohio-based Advanced RV offers several kinds of long- and short-wheelbase custom Mercedes Sprinter camper vans. The B Box, though, is less a van than a Class B RV, hence the first part of its name. As for the ‘box’ part, that stems from how the company turns a Sprinter into a home away from home.

Usually, conversion companies start with a Mercedes Sprinter cargo van and add features like beds, stoves, and similar niceties. However, Advanced RV builds the B Box on a Sprinter chassis cab, Motor1 explains. So, while the RV retains the Sprinter’s stock front half, it doesn’t have the standard van rear body. Instead, the company installs a square-shaped living space.

Up until recently, the Advanced RV B Box was still a prototype. But orders for the converted Sprinter are now open. So far, the company has completed at least three examples, Business Insider says, and has 13 more orders scheduled. One of the latest B Box builds is the ‘Asteroid of Happiness,’ which was designed to be “a tiny home on wheels,” BI reports. And based on the build sheet, that appellation is entirely accurate.

Advanced RV gives the Mercedes Sprinter all the comforts of home beyond just the kitchen sink

The leather seats, kitchen, and upper bed area ladder in the rear of the Advanced RV B Box 'Asteroid of Happiness'
Advanced RV B Box ‘Asteroid of Happiness’ rear interior | Advanced RV

Buyers have several wheelbase sizes to choose from for Advanced RV’s Mercedes Sprinters. The Asteroid of Happiness is built on the 170”-wheelbase RWD chassis, though the entire RV is 24.5’ long. As of this writing, the company hasn’t said if this Bo Box has a gasoline or a diesel powertrain. However, it does have a diesel-fired heater.

That heater, though, is just the start of the Asteroid of Happiness’s home-style comforts. For one, the 80”-tall B Box, well, box, is fully insulated. It also has leather-upholstered seating and sleeping space for four thanks to its double-decker design. The second bed is in a pop-up tent accessible via a built-in ladder. And both sleeping areas, just like the rest of the RV, are lit by adjustable RGB lights. Also, the lower bed houses a sizable storage space and can be separated via a privacy curtain.

Being an RV, the Asteroid of Happiness has a bathroom and a kitchen. But that simple description arguably sells them short, AutoEvolution muses. Advanced RV gave this B Box a dry bathroom and a separate shower with vented exhaust fans. And the kitchen has an induction cooktop stove, coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator, and freezer. There’s even a combination washer/dryer in this RV. Plus, the Asteroid of Happiness rocks a high-definition Sonos audio system.

To make sure the sinks, shower, and washer/dryer are well supplied, the Asteroid of Happiness has three water tanks. There’s one 50-gallon tank for freshwater, and two 27.5-gallon tanks for ‘gray’ and ‘black’ water, respectively. And to keep the appliances running, Advanced RV boosted the Mercedes Sprinter’s alternator with an 80-Ah battery system.

Finally, while this converted Sprinter doesn’t have 4WD, it does have 9.5” of ground clearance, Motor1 says. And the company swapped the van’s standard suspension for an air suspension system with custom Fox shocks.

Is this mobile tiny home worth it?

Because each B Box is custom-built to buyer requests, the finished products vary in price. But none of them are exactly cheap. Advanced RV says its products range from $310K-$490K, with an average price of about $380K, AutoEvolution reports. However, the cheapest of its last three B Boxes cost around $425K, BI says.

To be sure, there are smaller and cheaper camper vans, such as the Winnebago Solis Pocket. And other companies, such as Airstream, offer cheaper Sprinter conversions. But considering what the Asteroid of Happiness offers compared to similarly-pricey RVs, the price tag makes some sense. And while you can buy an actual house for $400K in some states, it can’t explore the outdoors like a van.

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