An Airstream RV Isn’t the Only Gorgeous Mercedes-Benz Camper

The Airstream and Mercedes-Benz motorhomes are incredible. It’s hard to watch a review for models like the Airstream Atlas or the Airstream Interstate without wanting to go out and buy one immediately. The same goes for this Mercedes-Benz camper RV. The Leisure Vans Unity Murphy Bed RV proves that an Airstream RV isn’t the only gorgeous Mercedes-Benz camper.

New Mercedes-Benz chassis

2019 saw a fully redesigned Mercedes-Benz chassis for motorhomes and RVs. According to La Mesa RV, there are many new additions to this brand new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis. Not only does the new chassis come in a 4500 configuration, but it also has a long list of new features.

Commercial vehicles of the Sprinter type are built at the Mercedes-Benz AG Ludwigsfelde plant
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis| Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images

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The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis now has all the modern active safety features you could want. Plus we see all-new LED headlights, keyless ignition, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Capability. The Mercedes-Benz received a complete overhaul and it’s now better than ever.

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The Unity Murphy Bed camper RV

The 2020 10th Anniversary edition Unity camper is built on the all-new Mercedes-Benz chassis. It’s one of the most gorgeous luxury motorhomes on the market. It’s compact, drives like a dream on the adept Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, and it’s loaded with spacious amenities inside. Plus, expandable areas add more room. It’s a great example of the fact that Airstream RVs aren’t the only amazing Mercedes-Benz camper.

This is a camper that is ready to provide an ultra-plush lifestyle––on the road. Even the shower looks large enough for an actual human, which is a bit rare for some campers. The Unity Murphy bed camper is an RV that will make it easy to leave the comforts of home behind. That’s because it allows you to bring them with you.

the lounge upgrade on the Unity Murphy bed camper RV built over a mercedes-benz sprinter chassis
Unity MB interior | Leisure Vans

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Modern luxury

From the corian countertops to the to maple wood trim, to luscious leather recliners. There are four seats total including the two in the cabin. The bed is large––76 inches long. The entire Mercedes-Benz camper RV––like most Leisure Vans––applies modern luxury to the motorhome market in a way that not every camper does.

The 2020 Unity Murphy Bed RV can also go off the grid with the option of either 200 or 400 Watt solar panels. The controls are easy to access in the overhead right behind the cockpit. The front seats swivel to face the living area, creating a full-on living room for your family to enjoy once you find a nice place to settle down for a few days.

interior of a Unity Murphy Bed on a sprinter chassis
Unity MB interior | Leisure Vans

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There are things first time RV buyers don’t even realize are important. But this Mercedes-Benz camper RV––the Unity MB––has things like four-point leveling jacks at the touch of a button handled. This motorhome on a Mercedes-Benz chassis has learned from its many years of production and improved on itself year over year.

How much does this camper RV cost?

On the Leisure Vans website, the Unity Murphy Bed camper starts at $146,065. Although this is expensive, it’s not so bad when you consider all that you get for the price. Plus, some RVs cost twice that price and don’t come on the easy-to-drive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. In fact, the Airstream RV that does come on a Sprinter chassis costs about $100,000 more––according to Car and Driver.