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The new Tesla Cybertruck is at the forefront of the news again, just days after it was on display at Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo. That’s because it’s gotten some updates, and while a few are top-notch, others may leave you scratching your head. Whether you love or hate the Tesla Cybertruck, its most recent tweaks just might cause you to change your mind about it.

Updated on 06/14/2023 for freshness.

The Tesla Cbertruck parked at dusk
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

5. The updated Tesla truck lacks door handles

It may seem surprising that a vehicle wouldn’t have door handles – how else are you supposed to get in? Yet perhaps it should be expected from the Tesla Cybertruck. Considering that the Tesla truck already looks like a spaceship, the fact that it will open itself when you’re close to it is probably just par for the course – especially if you’re an extra-terrestrial.

4. The Cybertruck appears to have a roll bar

Now, it may be part of the setup while the Tesla Cybertruck is being tested, but MotorTrend points out that in the Cyber Rodeo video, a roll bar is clearly visible when the Cybertruck door is open.

MotorTrend writes, “Ideally, that’s a temporary fitment to protect development drivers as they work on the Cybertruck’s stability and traction control systems. However, part of us thinks that could be permanent, an unsightly addition to improve roof crush strength given the A-pillar’s extreme rake.”

3. The Cybertruck tires have changed

Originally, the Tesla Cybertruck had massive tires that looked like something befitting the type of science-fiction spacecraft that the Tesla truck is. Now, however, the tires look remarkably tame, much like tires that you’d see on any other big truck.

These new tires are made by Goodyear, and they are Cybertruck-specific, which you can see from the tread. Also visible on the Tesla truck’s tires is the rating: 315/60R20 and E load. We hope beefier off-roading tires become available.

2. The Tesla yoke steering wheel is prominent

The Tesla Model X dash and yoke steering wheel
Tesla yoke steering wheel | Tesla

Okay, so we all knew that the yoke steering wheel was bound to be on the Tesla Cybertruck – Elon Musk loves the thing, after all. Yet the original 2019 Cybertruck prototype had a regular steering wheel, so the appearance of a yoke steering wheel on the Cyber Rodeo Tesla truck was a (potentially unwelcome) change. It’s likely that the yoke steering wheel will make it to the final production Cybertruck.

1. The windshield wiper is indeed a single blade

The Tesla Cybertruck windshield wiper has been the talk of the town lately, so it was no surprise to see it on the Cyber Rodeo Cybertruck prototype. There it rested, one single long blade, with a ginormous windshield to tackle. Or maybe it’s the windshield wiper that’s ginormous. Whichever it is, the Tesla Cybertruck windshield wiper is as unique as the Cybertruck itself.

The Tesla truck isn’t that far from production – well, it’s supposedly not very far from production. That means that the version of the Cybertruck that we saw at Cyber Rodeo will very likely be similar to the version that we get when (okay, if) the Tesla Cybertruck becomes a reality.

With a promised release date of sometime-in-2023, we shouldn’t have too long before we see just what a production Tesla Cybertruck will really look like. But delays could push the Cybetruck back until 2024.