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If you’re looking for a new job or just really want the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck, you might be thinking about getting a job at Tesla to be able to afford to pay for it. After all, most companies offer discounts when you work for them, right? Unfortunately, while Tesla does offer discounts on many things, its cars isn’t one of them. Don’t count on a Tesla employee discount to buy the new Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck prototype
Tesla Cybertruck prototype | Tesla

Is there a Tesla employee discount on the new Cybertruck?

No, there’s no employee discount on the new Tesla Cybertruck, or any other Tesla for that matter. According to Hot Cars, employee discounts at Tesla are not a thing, so don’t even ask about them (even if you’re really tempted to).

In fact, it seems that the Tesla employee discount thing is a pretty serious part of Tesla’s culture. Hot Cars writes that there are “discounts on goods and services, and a financing scheme allowing them to make monthly payments for new cars. However, Musk’s position is clear that sticking to a no discount policy on new cars is fundamental to Tesla’s integrity, and employees are discouraged from asking for such discounts.”

How many employees are in Tesla?

Tesla has an awful lot of employees, which may be part of why it doesn’t offer an employee discount on cars. Market Watch says that Tesla reported a total of 99,290 employees worldwide as recently as December 31, 2021. That includes a pretty big increase from its number at the end of 2020, which was 70,757.

Instead of getting a discount on cars, Tesla employees do get other perks. These include discounts on Tesla merchandise, which is apparently a huge draw. People love Tesla merchandise, and probably even more so if they’ve bought a Tesla car. Still, it’s kind of a bummer they won’t get a discount on the futuristic Tesla Cybertruck.

Are Tesla employees happy?

It seems that Tesla employees are fairly happy. Glassdoor shows an employee satisfaction rating of 3.5/5 stars. Perhaps some of the other Tesla employee benefits like a referral program with the possibility of free charging for life is a huge win.

Still, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for Tesla employees. Hot Cars notes that there’s a fairly serious – and questionable – policy of not calling 911 without permission. Even the Tesla medical personnel can’t call 911 without an okay.

In fact, even if an employee does need an ambulance, Tesla will often have that person taken to the hospital in a Lyft instead of calling for emergency help. Hot Cars says this is because it allows Tesla to keep workplace injuries “off the book.” Considering that calling 911 is typically not something done on a whim, this seems a reason to reconsider whether working at Tesla is worth your health and safety.

Even without a Tesla employee discount, there are still some perks to being a Tesla employee. Still, there are some pretty intense downsides to working at Tesla, and it sounds like they may compromise your well-being. With the Tesla Cybertruck on delay yet again, perhaps the employee discount isn’t such a big deal to you – but maybe having to take a rideshare to the hospital in event of an emergency is.


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