Tesla Rumored to Show Off 2 Cybertruck Prototypes at Cyber Rodeo

The Tesla Cybertruck is the kind of vehicle that people can’t stop talking about – even when it might not still be a thing. And now, the day before Cyber Rodeo, there are rumors that Tesla plans to keep the elusive electric truck in the headlines by showing off two new Cybertruck prototypes on April 7, 2022. What’s behind these rumors, and is there any validity to them?

A rendering of a Tesla Cybertruck driving down a winding road.
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

What’s the deal with the 2 Cybertrucks?

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It’s not official, but there are rumors that Tesla plans to show off two new versions of the Cybertruck. With the long-awaited electric truck being continuously delayed and potentially canceled, it would be big news for the company to reveal not one, but two Cybertrucks. 

Of course, this is largely speculation and based on the findings of drone pilot Joe Tegtmeyer, according to Electrek. It says that it appears that Tesla is stashing two versions of the Cybertruck in preparation for the Cyber Rodeo event. Electrek also writes that there are “two Cybertruck prototypes. They are undercover, but they are easy to spot because of the unusual shape of the electric pickup truck.”

What is the Cyber Rodeo?

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The Cyber Rodeo is Tesla’s event to usher in a new era at Tesla with the opening of the Texas Gigafactory. The new Gigafactory Texas is located in Austin. It’s supposed to launch with production of the popular Model Y. Not just any Model Y will be produced at the new Texas Gigafactory though. It will be an updated version, with a 4680 battery cell and structural battery pack. This will be the first of its kind among electric SUVs. 

In addition to the supposed Cybertruck unveiling and the new Model Y kick-off, Tesla founder Elon Musk is likely to make an appearance. That’s based on his appearance at the Berlin Gigafactory opening in March. At the Cyber Rodeo event on April 7, it’s likely that Musk will detail the differences between the original Model Y and the new Model Y with the structural battery pack.

What else may we see at Cyber Rodeo?

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In addition to the possibility of two Cybertruck prototypes and an updated Model Y, there are a few other potential surprises in store at Cyber Rodeo. Electrek says that while it’s hard to tell from the drone footage exactly what is under wraps at the Gigafactory Texas facility, it appears that it may be a Roadster.

Regarding another mystery vehicle, Electrek also “wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the original Model X prototype based on the size and the lack of side mirrors.” The Tesla Cyber Rodeo kicks off at 9pm Central time. While you have to have an invitation to attend, news about exactly what will be unveiled is sure to become public almost immediately.

Tesla always finds a way to keep itself relevant and it will be exciting to see what kinds of changes or additions it brings to Cyber Rodeo to do just that. Will the Cybertruck be revived in a new and groundbreaking way? We’ll have to wait and see.

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