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The Tesla Cybertruck has been delayed several times (at least), until speculation has arisen that maybe it isn’t going to be built at all. It seems now that Tesla does have a plan to produce the Cybertruck, but it won’t be happening this year. The soonest that Tesla will begin production of the Cybertruck is sometime in the beginning of 2023. How likely is it that we’ll actually see the Tesla Cybertruck in 2023 – or ever?

Tesla Cybertruck driving down a street.
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

The Tesla Cybertruck’s production is delayed until 2023

Reuters reports that the Tesla Cybertruck’s production is delayed until the first quarter of 2023. The reason behind its delay has less to do with the supply chain issues facing other car manufacturers, and more to do with the Cybertruck’s design. It seems that Tesla wants to fine-tune the Tesla Cybertruck before it comes out, as other car manufacturers are releasing highly competitive electric pickup trucks. There’s also a rumor that Telsa may be releasing two Tesla trucks in the future, including a smaller, more toned-down version of the Cybertruck.

In addition to the news of the Cybertruck’s delay, Tesla plans on producing relatively few Cybertrucks to begin, and ramping up production as time (and potentially sales) goes on. This may help to counter any potential losses that Tesla could face, as the Cybertruck’s reolutionary design has been critized by at least as many people as have lauded it.

This isn’t the Cybertruck’s first delay

riginally, Tesla said that the Cybertruck would begin production in late 2021. Then Tesla changed the production date for the Cybertruck from late 2021 to sometime in 2022. It seemed as if the Cybertruck’s production would begin in late 2021, until its production date was removed entirely from the Tesla website. Its fate was uncertain until mid-January 2022, when the updated date of early 2023 was given. Will this be where the Tesla Cybertruck’s production date changes rest? Only time will tell.

In addition, other Tesla models have faced setbacks. The Tesla Roadster, promised several years ago, is still just a concept. And the Tesla Semi-Truck remains to be seen. Perhaps Tesla’s earnings call, scheduled for January 26, 2022, will shed some light on not only the Cybertruck, but the fate of the Roadster and Semi as well.

Tesla is facing competition from other electric truck manufacturers

While the Tesla Cybertruck design was once seen as totally out there (okay, it still kind of is), other car manufacturers are, at a minimum, intrigued. Several car and technology companies have lodged patents or concepts that resemble the Cybertruck. These include both the Apple Car and the EdisonFuture vehicles, which share the same angular shape and metallic body as the Cybertruck.

Other styles of electric trucks are taking the automotive world by storm. The Ford F-150 Lightning’s reservations have exceeded Ford’s ability to produce enough pickup trucks, and the Rivian R1T is so compelling, it’s practically all people can talk about. Then there’s the Chevy SIlverado EV, the GMC Sierra EV, and the Canoo electric pickup truck. It’s an exciting time for electric pickup trucks.

One thing is for sure; if the Tesla Cybertruck does ever get made, it’s going to turn a lot of heads. Its design looks like it’s literally out of this world, and with Tesla’s name behind it, it will certainly have technology not yet seen in other vehicles. Now we just have to wait and see if the Cybertruck makes it out of a factory.


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