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In 2019, Elon Musk announced one of the most unique-looking vehicles the world has ever seen, an electric pickup. Additionally, it brought some exciting features to the table most people had never thought of before. However, now years have come and gone, and there’s still no sign of a production Tesla Cybertruck hitting the streets. With delays, changes, and more, will the Tesla Cybertruck ever come out?

Updated on 06/14/2023 for freshness.

The Tesla Cybertruck is the most unique pickup truck ever

The Tesla Cybetruck on the road
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

When Tesla’s pickup was first unveiled, it was a sight to see. It’s a minimalist design inside and out, but the exterior shape is odd. The automaker’s wish is for the Tesla Cybertruck to stand out from competitors. We’re optimistic that the exterior design alone will accomplish that goal without doing anything else. On the inside and in terms of capability, the Cybertruck remains a Tesla through and through.

This unique pickup remains everything Tesla fans want with classic Tesla features like a minimalist interior, massive touchscreen, and possibly a long electric driving range. However, the influx of electric pickup competition scared Tesla away. Bulletproof windows and a strange shape aren’t enough to beat the beloved Ford F-150 Lightning to market. The Cybertruck was supposed to be available some time ago, so where is it?

New Cybertruck delays are pushing things back

Tesla Cybertruck with the bed open
Tesla Cybertruck |Tesla

Initially, the Cybertruck was unveiled in 2019 and was set to begin production in late 2021. However, it was later delayed until sometime in late 2022. Following this news, rumors began to swirl that the new electric pickup would be pushed back again. In response, CEO Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla would not launch any new models in 2022.

Fans were hopeful to see the oddly shaped truck in 2023. But due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and supply chain issues, the Cybertruck was pushed back even further. Now Cybertruck production could start by the end of 2023 and should fully ramp up in 2024.

What is causing the Cybertruck delays?

Elon Musk near Telsa Cybertruck with cracked windows, highlighting how Musk and Tesla are not loved by liberals anymore
Elon Musk and Tesla Cybertruck | Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

According to Tom’s Guide, the first delay was because of supply chain issues. More specifically, the pickup wouldn’t begin production until the Texas Gigafactory started making the new Model Y. However, to this day, that still hasn’t happened. That’s why we, like everyone else, have no idea when Cybertruck production will start.

Next, although unconfirmed, Elon Musk’s tweets confirmed Tesla is working to improve the truck. Since many other automakers announced their electric pickups, Tesla wants to strengthen the Cybertruck to match competitive features. These include unique items like the GMC Hummer EV’s crab-walking capabilities.

There are a few issues that could still be holding the Cybertruck back. For example, Elon Musk doesn’t like the shape of the awkwardly large windshield wiper. Also, the exoskeleton is pretty heavy and leaves gaps that are difficult to seal.

Does anybody want the Tesla Cybertruck?

According to Electrek, Tesla received 250,000 preorders for the new model within a week of the original unveiling. Later, reservation holders at noted their tally at over 500,000. As of May 2021, almost a year ago, reservations reportedly surpassed the one million mark.

Those with preorders might end up with a different truck than they initially planned. Tons of notable new things are being added before production officially begins. Also, pricing may change. The reservation only costs $100 and is fully refundable, though.

What has changed since the original announcement?

Firstly, Tesla removed all pricing and specs from its website. Therefore, we expect many things to change by the time Cybertrucks leave the factory. Since new features are coming to the lineup, the pickup will likely get more expensive. Additionally, crab-walking, a quad-motor setup, and more are on the way. Full-self driving is available on any model for an additional $10,000.

Electrek reported that most existing preorders are for dual- and tri-motor setups. Only an estimated 17% of reservation holders chose the single-motor option. That’s all the proof we need that a quad-motor Cybertruck will do very well with fans of the unique pickup. However, with the last known starting prices, that fourth motor could cost a pretty penny.

Single-motor RWD$39,900
Dual-motor AWD$49,900
Tri-motor AWD$69,000
Quad-motor AWDTBA
Prices from Electrek.

Will the Tesla Cybertruck ever come out?

In conclusion, the Tesla Cybertruck will come out…eventually. There’s a real chance to take over the pickup truck market for this electric-specialist automaker.

That’s why it might be a good thing that Tesla is taking its time. Provided the Cybertruck does not become overpriced, a capable, gas-free, high-tech, unique pickup could do very well.

After all, the Rivian R1T is from a brand-new automaker and hasn’t done too poorly. Could a better-known EV automaker do even better? With more affordable models than Rivian, Tesla could take over trucks next. Will the Tesla Cybertruck ever come out? We hope so, and it could be as early as next year.