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This might be surprising, but the Tesla Cybertruck is still a serious contender in the electric vehicle market. This truck has had a few ups and downs and long delays, but that doesn’t matter. Drivers are still hyped and eager for the Tesla Cybertruck to arrive finally. 

When will the Tesla Cybertruck be available? 

The Tesla Cybertruck enters production in 2023
Telsa Cybertruck | Tesla

The Tesla Cybertruck is on track to enter production by the middle of 2023 and to be available by the beginning of 2024. The Cybertruck development has been completed, and Elon Musk recently shared that driving a beta Cybertruck was incredible. 

These are great signs because they show that everything is going according to schedule. But as you know, delays can happen. The Coronavirus outback, semiconductor shortage, and supply chain constraints disrupted the entire automotive industry. 

But the Cybertruck isn’t worried. According to The Street, fans are willing to wait because the Cybertruck is the most anticipated electric vehicle of 2023. People searched it nearly 1,854,710 times during the past year. 

The Mercedes-Benz EQS landed in second place with 231,150 searches, and the Jeep Avenger came in third at 173,480. So the competition isn’t even coming close. If Cybertruck production gets going, then it could take the Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T down. 

How long is the wait for the Cybertruck? 

Waiting for your Tesla Cybertruck to arrive could take a few months to over a year, depending on how quickly production ramps up. Tesla is expected to provide about 10,000 models before the end of 2023. Then mass production will begin in 2024. 

But the line is already insanely long. Cybertruck reservations surpassed 1.5 million reservations in 2022. It’s unclear how many reservations have been canceled. Also, we don’t know how many will be converted into orders. 

On top of that, the order book is still open. The Cybertruck could have even more reservations lined up. It’s unclear how the reservations will be organized once the configurator goes live. It’s possible that orders will be converted based on when reservations were made. 

We’re still waiting on price updates. Initially, the Cybertruck was expected to start under $40,000, but that was back in 2019. The price of raw materials has soared as inflation rises. The Cybertruck price could be increased to about $50,000. 

The model with dual motors and AWD might start at about $60,000, and the tri-motor variant could take things up to $70,000. The Ford F-150 Lightning is the Cybertruck’s main rival, starting at around $55,000. 

How much range does the 2024 Cybertruck have? 

What is the Tesla Cybertruck range?
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

The 2024 Tesla Cybertruck has a standard range of 250 miles. This is with the entry-level model with a single motor and rear-wheel drive. It can tow up to 7,500 lbs. Upgrade to the model with two motors and AWD for 300 miles of range. It can tow up to 10,000 lbs. 

The tri-motor variant is expected to have 500 miles of range and can tow up to 14,000 lbs. It can also carry a payload of up to 3,500 lbs, and the bed offers 100 cubic feet of lockable storage space. 

It features onboard power, onboard compressed air, and the ability to charge with solar panels. Plus, it has beefy off-roading upgrades, including an adaptive air suspension. The truck is expected to travel from 0 to 60 mph in about 2.9 seconds, so it’s also a racer. 

If the Cybertruck lives up to all of its wild promises, then other auto manufacturers should be nervous. People are searching for the Cybertruck more than any other new electric vehicle, giving it unmatched bragging rights.