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The revolutionary and polarizing Tesla Cybertruck is finally heading to the market in 2023. This new pickup looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it brings plenty of cool features and impressive qualities that make it useful. You may have heard about the 500 miles of driving range, 14,000-pound tow rating, or the affordable starting price, but here are several features you haven’t heard about in this new Tesla truck.

1. The Tesla Cybertruck has thin light strips for the rear passengers

Above each rear door is a thin LED light strip illuminating the rear cabin area when desired. This is one of the features of this electric truck you might have missed when looking around at what it offers. It’s easy to miss these lights while peering out of the massive glass roof Tesla includes in this electric truck.

2. This new Tesla truck has a versatile cargo area

The bed of this Tesla truck is 6.5 feet in length, but sometimes you have long items that don’t quite fit. The rear center seat turns into an armrest that doubles as a pass-through for extra-long cargo. It’s not a large area, but enough for a few longer 2x4s to go into the cabin, allowing the tailgate to be closed.

3. Cameras that make the side view mirrors obsolete in the Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck on the road, notice the lack of side view mirrors
Tesla Cybertruck |Tesla

This new electric truck is one of the most advanced vehicles entering the market in 2023. Did you notice the prototype models did not have side view mirrors? Instead, this new Tesla truck has cameras in the front fender to work with the Autopilot system.

Although these cameras could take the place of side view mirrors, they likely won’t. Current regulations require side view mirrors in the United States, which will likely be part of the production models. Still, these cameras are present and one of the hidden features you may have overlooked.

4. The Tesla truck has a versatile bed

The Cybertruck is fitted with L-track rails and T-slots in the bed. This allows owners to have anchor points anywhere in the 6.5-foot bed. Additionally, this new Tesla truck comes with a flush tonneau cover activated by buttons on either side of the bed. The cover then retracts or expands electronically to cover or uncover the cargo inside the bed area.

5. The Tesla Cybertruck has hidden storage areas

In-Bed Storage Tesla Cybertruck
In-Bed Storage Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

Unless the flaps are opened, you likely missed the storage area under the bed floor and in the sail pillars of this Tesla truck. Electric vehicles offer various storage solutions, but Tesla did a little more with this pickup truck.

You’ll find a storage space large enough for toolboxes and sleeping bags under the bed. The sail pillars are essentially the sides of the truck bed, with storage bins under the flaps. These spaces give you a little more room for some of the gear you want to take with you, especially if you use this new Tesla truck as a work truck.

When will the new Tesla truck be available?

We’ve been waiting for the Tesla electric truck to hit the market for almost four years. The production date has moved several times, but it seems Tesla is ready to begin production of this revolutionary pickup in the middle of 2023.

How many Cybertrucks are on the waiting list?

A gray 2024 Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck is driving on the road.
The 2024 Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

The current reservation list for the Tesla Cybertruck stands at more than 1.5 million. This number has grown from one million on the list in May 2021. If you’re not on the reservation list, it will probably be a few years before you see one of these new electric trucks available to drive.

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