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It’s a little tough to call the Ford Transit “iconic” or “legendary.” Those terms are typically reserved for things that are a little more noticeable or impactful. However, the Ford Transit has long been a staple of the automotive industry. After decades of being little more than a mule for tradesmen and women, it has finally ascended into a more glorious position. The blue oval has focused more on refining the transit for its camper van audience. The 2023 Ford Transit Trail debuted with off-road upgrades for overalnding.

Thanks to the camper craze, the 2024 Ford Transit has some killer features, but none more exciting than a trippy articulating steering wheel that turns the van into a rolling office. 

  • The 2024 Ford Transit is bringing exciting features to the market, including a modular steering wheel that can transform the van into a rolling office, catering to specific worker needs.
  • The modular steering wheel, which can be adjusted with the flick of a switch, is currently available on Ford Transit Custom vans in the European market, but its availability in the United States remains unconfirmed.
  • Ford is known for introducing innovative and unconventional features in its vehicles, as seen with the fold-down shifter in the F-150.
  • The automaker’s extensive patent portfolio suggests that the articulating steering wheel might find its way to the U.S. market in the future. Ford’s commitment to innovation promises more unique features in their vehicles in the coming years.

The 2024 Ford Transit has some tricks up its sleeve

Ford e-transit fold flat steering wheel folded into the desk position.
Ford fold-Ffat Steering wheel | Ford

Ford is always coming up with new gizmos to add to Ford vehicles. From wacky tailgates, gullwing doors, and now modular steering wheels, Ford always tries to make its vehicles more useable for specific workers. 

One of the more interesting new Ford features is the modular steering wheel in the Ford Transit. This mind-mending design officially debuted in 2022 on the E-Transit but didn’t get all that much attention. A renewed buzz for the wild feature is winding up thanks to a new crop of social media posts. 

With the flick of a switch, this mind-bending feature can allow just the wheel to slide up while the center post remains stationary. Ford also provides Transit customers with a flat desktop to mount to the top of the steering wheel. 

Will the Ford Transit desktop steering wheel come to America?

So far, this wild steering wheel is only available on Ford Transit Custom vans in the European market. Ford has yet to announce if the articulating wheel will come to the States as an option on new 2024 Ford Transit models.

We don’t typically get too excited about foreign specs making it over here because it just doesn’t happen all that often. However, if any carmaker would put in a trick steering wheel, it’s Ford. Hell, we already have something related to the F-150. There is an option to fold down the shifter in the center console to make a flat work surface for taking notes or setting up a computer. Granted, a folding steering wheel is a little more complex, but Ford loves this sort of thing. I think there’s a chance. 

Why does Ford have so many patents?

Ford patent for 6x6 F-150 conversion illustration looking up
Ford patent for 6×6 F-150 conversion | Ford

We often cover the discovery of Ford’s newest and wackiest patents. Ford has thrown everything from multi-car sound systems, 6×6 convervisons, and chairs mounted in the bed to wireless charging roads for EVs. If Ford has an idea it thinks is cool and halfway possible, it patents it. As I mentioned with the F-150 folding shifter, sometimes Ford even makes these wild ideas a reality. My point is that don’t count Ford out if it says it might put wings on the next F-150; you really don’t know. It might. 

Whatever happens with the stateside Ford Transit vans, you can count on it getting crazier in the coming years. Ford is on a roll, and we can’t wait to see what gadgets and gizmos it comes out with next.