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For the past few years, the Ram 1500 has set the standard for rivals such as the Ford F-150. For example, the Ram 1500 had the first massive vertically oriented touchscreen. Then the Ford F-150 followed suit. Now Ford might be stealing tailgate ideas from Ram. 

The Ford F-150 has a new multifunctional tailgate on the way 

New Ford F-150 tailgate
New Ford F-150 tailgate | Ford

Sometimes truck wars go beyond having the most horsepower or nicest interior. For example, the Ford F-150, Ram 1500, and Chevy Silverado 1500 take things to the backside. That’s why we keep seeing upgraded multifunctional tailgates. 

Now the Ford F-150 is gaining features from the Ram 1500’s multifunctional tailgate and CarBuzz also noticed the similarities. It has a 60/40 split near the left side, allowing the tailgate to swing out instead of folding down. The tailgate opens with side-hinged pieces like barn doors with a button that sits under the main release. 

The benefits of the Ram MultiFunction tailgate include allowing owners to get closer to the bed while loading heavier items. It helps people access the truck bed while towing too. But it can also be opened in a traditional manner. 

You can see images of the new F-150 tailgate with a similar split. But Ford isn’t copying the Ram 1500 directly. It’s taking features from the Ram 1500, GMC Sierra, and its own tailgate to create something that incorporates the best of each world. 

What to expect with the new F-150 tailgate 

The new Ford F-150 tailgate has hinges everywhere, like the Ram 1500s. This makes some people a little nervous because will all of the hinges be durable? How well will these split tailgates last? 

Ford’s new tailgate still utilizes the existing pop-out step and stability bar with the split tailgate by making the step smaller. The step and railing slide right out, allowing people to easily climb in the bed. 

If it borrows from the GMC Sierra and Silverado 1500, then the tailgate can be set to six different positions. But these tailgate options don’t have a split, so it might be difficult to add. Diagrams of the Ford tailgate show a cargo separator in the truck bed, though. 

Ford decided not to follow in the tracks of rivals when they listened to customer feedback. Fans suggested that they would prefer a simple setup that’s easy to use. Apparently, things have changed. 

When will Ford’s new tailgate be available? 

Ford F-150 tailgate step
Ford F-150 tailgate step | Ford

It’s difficult to determine when the new Ford F-150 tailgate will be available. So far, patent filings have been made. But that doesn’t provide a timeline for production. Some tailgates might be in production, but the tailgate could also still be in the design phase. 

Because we’ve only seen the patent filings so far, we can’t confirm that the new split or tailgate step will make it to the final product. We’re also wondering if the tailgate is trying to do too many things. 

What about the brand new work surface tailgate that just came out? Did people like the space for a tablet holder, ruler, and area to clamp wood? All of those features have been pretty helpful. We don’t want to see them go away.


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