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All car accidents are tragic in one capacity or another. However, some gobsmacking instances of vehicular carnage are so sadly avoidable that they prompt disbelief in onlookers. Sadly, this is the case of a YouTuber who wrecked his bespoke McLaren Senna in a crash after mere days of ownership. 

Content creator Mondi slammed his bespoke McLaren Senna into an LA Lexus Dealership

The McLaren Senna, appropriately named for the late racing legend Ayrton Senna, is an expression of bleeding-edge street-legal hypercar credentials. As such, the Senna generates massive downforce and capitalizes on lightweight courtesy of features like a carbon fiber monocoque, the same used by racing and performance cars worldwide. What can’t the track-ready McLaren hypercar do?

Well, it can’t drive for you, as evidenced by a stunt that involved a bespoke verdant McLaren Senna crash. According to social media posts, self-described entrepreneur and race car driver Edmond “Mondi” Barseghian lost control of the bespoke “Kiwi Edition” Senna, slamming it into a Lexus dealership. While the damage doesn’t appear terminal for the green hypercar, the repair bill will undoubtedly be astronomical. 

A green McLaren Senna crash in Los Angeles.
A view of the damaged McLaren Senna | slattdemon99 via Reddit

Check out the Reddit video below for a glimpse into the sad and utterly avoidable event.

The incident draws to mind the recent crash wherein a driver wrecked a Ferrari Enzo on the famed Autobahn in Germany less than one month ago. See? Money doesn’t fix a heavy right foot and poor decision-making.