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Bolt-on components and conversions are a great way to modify just about any vehicle. They’re virtually all made by aftermarket manufacturers, but Ford has a plan to change that. Ford has patented a bolt-on conversion kit to turn an F-150 into a 6×6 off-roader.

There are those out there that require higher capacity payloads. For some, a dual-rear-wheel F-350 does the trick because it spreads the load to six wheels instead of four. But another way to skin that cat is with a 6×6 suspension. However, no OE manufacturer makes such a truck or kit.

Hennessey Ford F-150 Velociraptor 6x6 truck off -road
Hennessey Ford F-150 Velociraptor 6×6 truck | Hennessey

But it looks like Ford is considering doing so with this patent, as first reported by CarScoops. Rather than going with the wider dually configuration, some truck owners may prefer the 6×6 approach for versatility, as well as for how attention-grabbing these are. 

While converting to a 6×6 may fit some owner needs, doing it with a bed would require a lot of body modifications to the bed and dually-like fenders. So, practically, it would be much simpler and cost-effective to just go with a dually. 

Why go 6×6 when you can just buy a dually?

Ford patent filing illustration for 6x6 F-150 conversion
Ford patent for 6×6 F-150 conversion | Ford

But this conversion would be geared more toward chassis cabs than trucks with beds. And Ford could always make a longer fender available, as is already available from the aftermarket.

From what we can see in the patent, it looks like it is not much more complex than a lift kit or C-notching a truck frame for more axle travel. This is usually done for sport truck applications, with Bell Tech being the one that comes to mind first. 

Ford patent for 6x6 F-150 conversion illustration
Ford patent for 6×6 F-150 conversion | Ford

As you can see, Ford has also thought out incorporating an F-150 frame extension option. To enhance this, it also shows a load leveling kit. See Figures 8 and 9.

Is Ford suggesting adding an electric motor in this patent?

Ford patent for 6x6 F-150 conversion illustration looking up
Ford patent for 6×6 F-150 conversion | Ford

But Ford is offering something more than cargo capacity increases. It is also showing an electric motor setup attached to the slave third axle, as is shown in Figure 7. So, the idea is that someone could introduce an electric motor to their gas-power F-150 to increase power and/or range. And the 6×6 system could easily handle the extra weight of a battery to power said motor. 

Ford patent for 6x6 F-150 conversion illustration
Ford patent for 6×6 F-150 conversion | Ford

Ford also suggests a 6×6 conversion could work for an independent rear-end setup. Is Ford suggesting a 6×6 conversion for Mustangs? Anyway, no matter what you think of a 6×6 patent, Ford has dug deeper than merely cargo capacity increase qualities of such a conversion. Who knows, Ford dealers and certified independent shops could offer their services to help F-150 owners with the 6×6 tweak.


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