A 6×6 with the Face of a Ford Raptor and the Body of a…What?

So, let’s get this straight. There is a Russian based auto shop (Ford Market) that produces some of the wildest looking mods ever. They turn scraps into cinderella stories, breathing life back into trucks, vans, and cars that may otherwise have been left to rot. The old E-series is one that most wouldn’t have seen the hidden beauty within. But Ford Market saw that a lot was still possible for this beat-up old van –– an extra set of wheels, for one thing. Someone somewhere needs a 6×6 overland bus with a Ford F-150 Raptor face and the body of a nearly laid-to-waste E-series. Duh.

Why would anyone need a 6×6 Raptor-faced bus?

There are countless reasons why someone would need one of these. First off, it’s obviously a family vehicle. I mean, imagine all the family amenities you could jam into the RaptorBus (that’s what Ford Market named this big red beast).

They don’t have interior pictures posted of this 6×6 overland family hauler, but we are pretty sure it’s plenty accomodating. Something this custom could surely be rigged for rear entertainment and car seats, right? It’s just too easy imagining the whole bunch strapped in and ready for the next adventure ahead.

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Additionally –– if the family wagon isn’t your speed –– it’s the perfect vehicle for kid-free adventure too. Sure, you might need a ladder to get into the driver’s seat. And we don’t even want to know the gas mileage for a 6×6 overland Raptorbus. But, this is the most epic home on 6 wheels for anyone who wants to just turn off the main road and go out into the backcountry in a way that most trucks never could.

6×6 Ford F-150 Raptor van capability

One of the best things about this van-bodied RaptorBus is that, upon closer inspection of the Instagram photos, you can see that the axles all have their own respective differential. Ford_Market didn’t just keep those wheels so the RaptorBus could look pretty. This beastly bus of an E-series mod looks like it actually has power to all 6 wheels.

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Combine that capability with these good looks and you’ve got the whole package. The F-150 Raptor grille was the perfect touch. The face that Ford_Market put on this E-series body applies just the right amount of lipstick and rouge to bring the entire thing together as one formidable 6×6 overland machine.