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Let’s be honest; Hennessey is not only a hard car brand to spell but also a bit of a silly company. If you aren’t familiar with the group, Hennessey takes already fast cars, trucks, and SUVs and turns them into nearly undrivable nightmares of speed and rubber smoke. For their newest abomination, the firm took the Ford F-150 Raptor R and gave it two more wheels and a bunch of other doo-dads to make the Hennessey VelociRaptoR. This lab-grown, genetically mutated monster makes the already powerful Raptor R look like a leaf-eater. 

Hennessey Raptor R VelociRaptoR 6x6 grille
Hennessey Raptor R VelociRaptoR 6×6 | Hennessey

What is the Hennessey VelociRaptoR?

The mad scientists behind the insane machines at Hennessey have taken a Ford F-150 Raptor R and given it a 6×6 conversion. If you are familiar with the brand, it is only surprising that they didn’t give the Raptor R’s stock 700-hp mill, 70,000 hp. However, the 6×6 is par for the course for this bunch. It seems like they can’t resist making every truck into a 6×6. They already did it with the first VelociRaptor and the Ram TRX Mammoth. Hennessey: More power. More wheels.

6×6 trucks exist outside Hennessey’s silly world. However, the VelociRaptoR is a proper 6×6, meaning both rear axles are powered. In order to have enough room, Motor1 reports that Henny also had to add a custom eight-foot bed. This custom bed stretched the former Raptor R to a Jurrasic 27 feet long. If its length wasn’t enough to prove how cool it is, maybe the 20-inch Hennessey wheels wearing 37-inch rubber are. Still need to compensate? Well, it also has a 3-inch lift. The firm graciously fitted the beast with Fox Shocks and Brembo brakes.

Does Hennessey customize exteriors too?

The Hennessey Raptor R VelociRaptoR 6x6 parked in the snow
Hennessey Raptor R VelociRaptoR 6×6 | Hennessey

Hennessey didn’t just slap more tires on this truck; it also spruced up the exterior a bit too. The Hennessey VelociRaptoR also got a new front and rear bumper, upgraded LED headlamps, and in case you got it mixed up with a regular Ford Supertruck, they splattered it with Hennessey badges. 

Is a 6×6 better than a 4×4? 

According to Hennessey, the added wheels increase tractive grip by over 50%, and the long bed improves cargo capacity by 45%. But the percentages lose a bit of value when you understand the cost. Upgrades like these come with a weight penalty, but not as quite as bad as you might think. The Hennessey version of the Ford F-150 Raptor R weighs 6,500 lbs compared to Ford’s version, which weighs 6,000 lbs. 500 lbs isn’t all that bad, considering another powered axle and massive wheels and tires. At the same time, 50 lbs ain’t nothing. 

How much does the Hennessey VelociRaptoR cost? 

Hennessey's new Ford F-150 Raptor R custom 6x6 truck
Hennessey Raptor R VelociRaptoR 6×6 | Hennessey

You could say that the Hennessey VelociRaptoR costs the same as four Ford F-150 Raptor Rs, or you could say it costs as much as a very nice, large home in a good neighborhood, or you could even say it costs $499,999. Let’s go with that. Yeah, it costs $499,999. 

“The supercharged V8 in the Raptor R perfectly complements our limited edition VelociRaptoR 6×6 package,” said CEO John Hennessey. “The upgrade boosts traction and improves utility, which makes the 6×6 practical and functional. It’s a real blast to drive – I consider it a go-anywhere supertruck with head-turning stage presence.”

Can you imagine anyone hauling lumber or working a farm with a truck like this? The truck-shaped vehicle might be plenty capable, but if a 6×6 truck can haul a million pounds, but no one is around to hear it, did the tree make a sound? Wait, I think I might have messed that up. Ah, you get it.