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We like to poke fun at the Porsche, Ferrari, and other car people who wear hats with their car logo on them, but the fact is that truck people are similarly particular about their rigs. There is beef between Ford and Chevy, but that’s basic. Real truck peeps can get all in a twist over some very small details, as 2023 Ford Super Duty owners have shown. Loads of Ford truck owners are singing the praises of this aftermarket delete of their least favorite feature of the 2023 Ford Super Duty. If you hate your truck’s bed step, now you can get rid of it. 

The 2023 Ford Super Duty bed step can be removed

A 2023 Ford Super Duty F-350 Lariat heavy-duty pickup truck model towing a trailer up a country highway hill
2023 Ford Super Duty F-350 | The Ford Motor Company

The good folks at All Out Industries recently released a new product that is making certain truck owners very happy. That’s right, if you hate your bed step (the little foot-sized notch on some newer trucks’ rear quarter panel), AOI is developing a part that will fill the hole. This little piece is made with fully injection-molded ABS plastic that either comes paint-ready or paint-matched to customers’ trucks for an upcharge. 

“When the 2023 Super Duty was announced, and the first images were released, like many others, we were disappointed with the bed step integration into the side of the bed,” Austin Galit, owner of All Out Industries, told The Drive. “We see this as a focal point, and [it] really ruins the body lines.”

What trucks come with a bed step? 

A 2024 Chevy Silverado 2500HD heavy-duty pickup truck model parked on dirt and sand on a building worksite
2024 Chevy Silverado 2500HD | Chevrolet

In the earliest days of pickup trucks, there used to be multiple types of beds depending on what the driver needed. The most common types of beds by the 1950s were “step-side” and “fleet-side.” The step-side trucks had an indention that you could step on to reach into the bed, much like the bed step on modern trucks. 

This iteration of the step-side truck is fairly common among new pickup trucks. These days there are a number of bed features that make accessing the bed easier. 

What’s the problem with the bed step? 

While Ford Super Duty owners are the main ones unhappy with the new truck feature, other trucks also have bed steps. In fact, Ford’s arch nemesis – the 2019 Chevy Silverado HD – was the first modern truck to bring back the modern bed step. The Drive makes the point that due to the bitter rivalry, this might be why Ford owners hate the step so much. 

So far, the only complaint people seem to have with it is purely aesthetic. This is a tad funny from the burley Super Duty crew. The owners claim the small indention is an eyesore and ruins the lines of the big work truck.  

No matter why Super Duty people hate the step, AOI is happy to offer a solution to their woes. “We came up with this idea for the true Ford enthusiast who fell in love with the clean, sleek body lines of the Super Duty over the years,” Galit continued.

When will the hole filler launch? 

All Out Industries plans to have the plastic block available for sale towards the end of the year. If you truly hate the hole in your Super Duty, you can pay $300 for the raw, unpainted filler block or $500-$600 for the paint-matched kits.