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This week Ford announced its next generation of Super Duty pickups, or new 2023 F-250 and larger trucks. The Super Duty trucks are designed for hauling and towing heavy loads, but the new trucks are designed to work with a bit of tech suave. For example, the new F250 can be outfitted with a 5G hotspot to get over-the-air downloads, and the bed has built-in scales, so you’ll know exactly how to balance your trailer. The new Super Duty trucks will be available in early 2023.

New new 2023 F-250 trucks get Pro Power Onboard

Ford Super Duty with Pro Power Onboard
The F-250 can get Pro Power Onboard outlets in the bed | For

Ford includes Pro Power Onboard on its F-150 trucks, and not the larger F-250 gets a dose a juice, too.  Pro Power Onboard uses the battery on the F-150 hybrid or Lightning to create household electric power. In the Super Duty, though, Ford hasn’t said what kind of battery the trucks use, but the Super Duty has 2 kW of power, which is enough for power saws, sprayers, or even better, a stereo or TV at a tailgate.

New engines will bring more power

new 6.7-liter Power sTroke diesle
New 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel | Ford

Ford promised in Tuesday’s reveal that the new engines for the new 2023 F-250 Super Duty trucks will provide more power. The big news is that there will be an uprated version of the already mighty Power Stroke diesel V8 with even more power. If 1,050 lb.-ft of torque isn’t enough for you, Ford executives promise the engine’s new turbo and exhaust manifolds will bring even more power. That diesel will join the 6.8-liter and 7.3-liter gas-powered V8 engines that will also get power boots.

How much are you hauling? Onboard scales will tell you

2023 Super Duty interior
2023 F-250 interior | Ford

The new Super Duty trucks will have onboard scales so you can know exactly how much you’re hauling. The scales can tell you how much weight you’re also hitching to your truck, and help you level it. But, the scales wouldn’t be any use if you had to be in the cab to read a display. Instead, the scales can be read from an app on your phone or from the blinks from the taillights, which is pretty cool.  

New 2023 F-250 has several towing assist packages

Ford Super Duty towing a trailer
A Ford Super Duty truck and trailer | Ford

If you’re buying a big truck like a Super Duty, that means you’re likely going to be towing. So, for has added a new camera and reverse sensors in the top of the tailgate so you can be sure you’re not too close to your trailer. If you still need help, the new Pro Trailer Hitch Assist will automatically back the truck up and align the hitch to the receiver. The truck’s navigation can also be tuned to plan routes without tall bridges and sharp turns.

It’s the first full-sized truck with 5G

A screen showing Pro Trailer Hitch Assist
Pro Trailer Hitch Assist backs up your truck automatically | Ford

The new truck will have 5G capabilities. That means that the truck can access quicker info for navigation, mapping, and downloads. It can also use the 5G system and an onboard hot-spot to provide internet for up to 10 devices. Also, the trucks can get over-the-air updates for a variety of functions. It also allows the truck to connect to Ford Telematics.


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