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For almost 10 years, Ford has doubled down on its EcoBoost V6 engine platform. Everything from the incredible GT to Ford’s moneymaker, the F-150, uses the engine. So, it’s a bit surprising that Ford just announced the 2023 F-250 Super Duty is getting a new V8. A big V8. Like 6.8 liters big. 

The 2023 Super Duty trucks are getting a major overhaul from last year. Still, most of the engines available in Ford’s Super Duty trucks will be the same as the 2022 model year. That is, except for the new naturally-aspirated 6.8-liter monster V8, which replaces Ford’s 6.2-liter V8.

What engine options does the 2023 Ford F-250 have?

The 2023 Ford F-250 gets the 7.3-liter Godzilla V8 and two diesel options. There is the 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel V8 and a new high-output version. The first packs 475 horsepower and 1,050 lb-ft of torque. For the high output option, those numbers increase to 500 hp and 1,200 lb-ft of torque. That equates to an 8,000-lb payload and 40,000-lb towing capacity. For contrast, the F-150 has a maximum towing capacity of 14,000 lbs.

So, the 6.8-liter fits nicely between the 7.3-liter gas-powered engine and the Power Stroke diesel engine. Both of those figures are segment-leading. The new 6.8-liter boasts 405 hp and 445 lb-ft of torque. Additionally, the 7.3-liter V8 has seen an increase from 2022, with the same 430 hp but an addition to 485 lb-ft of torque.

A look at the F-250’s exterior style

The new Ford F-250 Super Duty also gets a refreshed exterior. The front fascia shares similar styling to the F-150, incorporating the signature C-shaped LED headlights. There will also be different grilles based on trim levels. 

Inside, there’s an updated cabin. Based on what we see in the current F-150, we expect a larger infotainment screen and an adjacent display on the center console. The overall design and fabrics should be all new as well. 

Ford is headed for a poor F-Series sales year

While supply chain issues are plaguing the entire auto industry, Ford is headed for a drastically reduced number of trucks sold. It only gives quarterly figures for total F-Series production, so we don’t know how many are Super Duty trucks. However, last year it manufactured over 725,000 F-Series trucks. This year, it is headed for around 425,000 pickups. 

If you’re ready to place an order, Ford began Super Duty production last month. Prices start at $45,765, with a $1,795 destination charge.