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Despite Fisker Automotive’s troubled history, it looks like the Ocean SUV is finally on its way to production. This revolutionary new EV promises luxury accommodations at an affordable price, with the base trim selling for under $40,000.

Still, even luxury vehicles sometimes lack the most modern and consumer-friendly features that drivers appreciate. For example, only a handful of Porsche models have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Will drivers be able to enjoy smartphone integration inside the 2023 Fisker Ocean?

Here’s why consumers love Apple CarPlay

Fisker logo, maker of the 2023 Fisker Ocean. But does the 2023 Fisker Ocean have Apple CarPlay?
2023 Fisker Ocean | Getty Images

CarPlay is a program that lets you mirror your smartphone’s screen to your car’s infotainment touchscreen. Apple says you can use third-party apps and navigation while running this software. You can also make calls, answer texts, and listen to your voicemail without too much distraction from the road.

The Apple CarPlay interface can also be configured with voice commands and customized with different wallpapers. A few vehicles even allow you to use your phone as a car key. The next scheduled update will expand the interface to your car’s gauge cluster plus include even more apps.

While not always, many cars that have Apple CarPlay also include Android Auto. As the name suggests, it’s a smartphone mirroring program for Android devices. Android notes some key differences between Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, mainly the Google Assistant and unique menu layouts.

The 2023 Fisker Ocean will probably have Apple CarPlay

So far, the Ocean’s page on Fisker hasn’t given any indication that Apple CarPlay will be available at all. The closest hint is Ocean’s standard equipment page on Fisker, which lists “App as Key” for each trim. However, it’s still not confirmed whether this will be related to CarPlay or a brand-new Fisker app.

We also don’t have any press releases that confirm Apple CarPlay for the Fisker Ocean. According to Fiskerati, smartphone integration wasn’t mentioned in the Ocean’s latest promotional email. Still, Fiskerati believes that Henrik Fisker stealthily revealed smartphone integration for the Ocean on social media. 

Responding to comments about Android Auto, Fisker’s founder said there were “a lot of Android developers” on the team. One Fisker Instagram post featuring the Ocean was tagged with ‘#applecarplay.’ Fisker was also spotted creating job listings for more Android Auto experts.

Other features planned for the 2023 Fisker Ocean

In addition to App as Key, each Ocean model will come equipped with a 17-in center touchscreen. Music will be supplied through a Fisker Premium Sound system, and a digital rearview mirror comes standard. It also has some advanced safety features like front/side collision warning, traffic sign recognition, and forward emergency braking.

The Fisker Ocean Ultra model has an extra drive mode, a fancier sunroof, and an upgraded sound system. According to Car and Driver, you can swivel the touchscreen to a horizontal position on this trim and the others above it. 

The Extreme trim adds more driver’s aids, including automatic parking and a surround-view camera. It also comes with lane-keeping technology and adaptive cruise control.

The Ocean Extreme also has a few exclusive tech features. For example, you’ll be able to play certain cloud-based video games on the infotainment touchscreen. This model also has heated seats and a heated steering wheel, plus all the extra contents of the Winter Package. In addition to interior heating components, it offers remote climate control and a heated washer nozzle.

Fully-loaded Fisker Ocean models come with a function that allows you to locate your vehicle in a crowded parking lot. In the unlikely event that the Ocean doesn’t have smartphone integration, it certainly has enough tech to compensate.


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